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A Beach Boys-inspired Business

By Linda Dela Cruz
Wednesday – October 10, 2007

C4 Waterman founders (from left) Todd Bradley, Mike Fox and Brian Keaulana

A pastime of the famous Waikiki Beach Boys has been revived for the 21st century. Back in the 1960s when the Beach Boys wanted to take pictures of tourists, they created a smarter way to accomplish their goal. They stood up on the surfboard and used a paddle to help them navigate. A renaissance in the sport started when some of today’s surfers began using the paddles in surfing to intensify their training.

A trio of ocean sports competitors – Brian Keaulana, Todd Bradley and Mike Fox – formed the company C4Waterman this past January to create special products for stand-up paddling as they watched the popularity of the sport increase. Continue reading ‘A Beach Boys-inspired Business’

Infinity Surf Shop – Dana Point, California – An adult candy store for stand up paddlers

Infinity Surf Store

I got a chance to visit the Infinity Surf Shop in Dana Point, California last week. I was excited because I had been there once before in 2000. That’s when I was into surf kayaks and Steve Boehne makes a really cool sit on top wave ski.
I actually went surfing with Steve and his crew at San Onofre, California during that visit and absolutely froze my butt off. This visit was different. It was mainly to see what he had for his line of Ku Ku Hoe stand up paddle boards and paddles.

I shot a short video so you can see what they had in the store. I was there for about an hour and every person I noticed come in the store was looking at the stand up paddle boards. I didn’t see anyone browsing the regular surfboards and I think a couple Infinity stand up boards were sold during my visit. Continue reading ‘Infinity Surf Shop – Dana Point, California – An adult candy store for stand up paddlers’

icon for podpress  Infinity Surf Shop - Dana Point, California - An adult candy store for stand up paddlers [3:02m]: Download
icon for podpress  Infinity Surf Shop - Dana Point, California - An adult candy store for stand up paddlers [3:03m]: Download

Standup Surf Tip – Cheap Paddle Protector

As part of our continuing SUPtips series here is a method that can be used for protecting both the rails of a stand up paddle board and the paddle. It is a 1” wide rubber mastic tape that can be purchased at any home improvement or hardware store. Pretty inexpensive way to protect your board and paddle.

It works best to apply with 2 people. Start at the shaft/ blade joint. Cross the joint and wrap ¾ away around the blade, then flip and wrap the rest of the way up and across the joint again. Then wrap a collar around the ends to keep them in place. Press the tape flat and try to keep air bubbles out. This material works really well and is especially important when boards are used in demo, rentals, or when someone is learning on your brand new board. Attached are a few pics of a paddle we applied it to and the box the tape was in.

Paddle protectorpaddle protector tapepaddle protector backside

First Impressions of the F-16 distance stand up paddle board and C4 14′ and 12′ distance stand up paddle boards

It was great to get in the water this afternoon/evening after being land locked in California for a week. My friend called me last week and told me to call his buddy who would let me use his board to stand up paddle surf in California. I told him that I didn’t go to California to stand up paddle surf, I was there for other reasons. It’s too cold for my Hawaii warm blood. If I need a wetsuit, forget it. Continue reading ‘First Impressions of the F-16 distance stand up paddle board and C4 14′ and 12′ distance stand up paddle boards’

Landshark Surf Contest and 3 hour tour

I’ve had enough of not paddling. This weekend was just hectic moving in to my new Northshore pad and cleaning things… always cleaning. I met up with my buddy Mark and we went for a long downwind standup paddle and surf tour. We started at Kaimana beach and ended up down at Fly’s. It was a marvelous way to spend three hours. Paddling, surfing, paddling and then surfing some more. Pretty small kine waves out today.. but enough to have fun. Caught some at every break we passed, but a couple to remember at Three’s, in-betweens and out Ewa side of Concessions. All in all a good way to get in some practice for the Landshark Surf Contest.

Ok.. so what is the Landshark? It is a surf contest this Saturday at Bowls for lawyers, spouses of lawyers and significant others of lawyers. That pretty much covers everyone right? I mean if you have ever hired a lawyer, then you really are their significant other. There is a Stand Up Paddle Surf division for men and women. Anyways I am posting the sign up form. It is due by Oct 10th. See you out there!

2007 Landshark Surf Contest Form logo mockup 3

 Ok.  Here’s the third mockup.  I think the paddle needs to extend to his front hand but other than that it looks good to me.  Let me know your thoughts. logo mockup 3 logo mockup 2

Thanks everyone for your feedback. Here’s the second mockup and I think we’re almost at a final version.  Please comment below. logo mockup 2

One Day in California

Not a SUP movie.. but a nice flick showcasing California longboarding.

(click thumbnail to launch video)

Meetup with Joe Blair and his stand up paddle board at Legoland

As I mentioned in a recent post, I’m on a trip in California. I was able to make a stop by Infinity Surf and Ron House’s place on the drive from Los Angeles to San Diego and then resumed the trip from there. My wife has been a little peeved at me because after the day is done I get right on my computer to check out what’s happening with the stand up paddle scene, check the comments on and get some work done. Continue reading ‘Meetup with Joe Blair and his stand up paddle board at Legoland’

Help us choose a logo

We are currently designing a logo for  Are we on track? Please post your comments and help us!

Mockups for logos

Stand Up Paddle Surf Instructional Video

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Ran across this pretty cool instructional video on Stand Up Surf. Very well done.

California stand up paddle surf pioneers Steve Boehne (Infinity Surf) and Ron House (Laird Hamilton’s shaper)

I’m currently dry because I’m on a California trip but I did get a chance to stop in and visit Steve Boehne at Infinity Surf in Dana Point and Ron House in San Clemente. Both run unique operations and it was very interesting to see the similarities and differences in their design and direction. Steve developed the odd shaped otter blade stand up paddle. His perspective is very different from Todd’s at C4 and you’ll see why. Continue reading ‘California stand up paddle surf pioneers Steve Boehne (Infinity Surf) and Ron House (Laird Hamilton’s shaper)’

Must get stand up paddle surf

Winds howling, high tide, not much swell… but I had to get some stand up paddle surf today. I have had nothing else on my mind since meeting up with Blane Chambers this weekend. I was up on the North Shore of Oahu running some errands and was able to drop by Wahiawa on my way back into town. Rachel and I drove to his shop and walked into what could be considered a modern art gallery. Super clean and spacious (for Hawaii standards) with all sorts of boards in the racks. It was easy to see that the shop capacity is much more than what’s on hand today. Continue reading ‘Must get stand up paddle surf’

FREE stand up paddle bag from C4 Waterman

Say thanks to Todd Bradley over at C4 Waterman for offering our friends at a FREE Stand Up Paddle Bag with any paddle order. Just call Kellie at C4 Waterman at 808-739-2837 and tell her that Evan at sent you and place your order. It’s that easy.

Duke’s OceanFest 2007

By Todd Bradley of C4 Waterman

With arms outspread in a gesture of welcome to all, the larger-than-life bronze statue of Duke Kahanamoku on the shores of Waikiki Beach delineates where the pavement ends and the ocean that Duke loved so much, and mastered so well, begins. The annual Duke’s OceanFest celebration recently brought together surfers and surf enthusiasts from around the world to enjoy the many forms of surfing that Duke loved to savor at Waikiki. If the “father of surfing” were still around, he would have been honored to see his beloved sport and all its offshoots being practiced and enjoyed by so many.