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Recap by Connor Baxter

The 2014 Honolua Surf Co’s Ultimate SUP Showdown was by far one of the best organized events I have ever been to. First of all – Most all of the top surf and race competitors that were invited were at the event. The heats in both surf and race were on time. They stuck to the schedule. Then there is the fact that CBS Sports was there and is going to televise the event on Prime Time TV. Continue reading ‘CONNOR WINS THE ULTIMATE SUP SHOWDOWN’

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Wednesday Training Group: Downwinder – Meet 4:30 Kahala


We will meet on Wednesday at 4:30 pm at Kahala Beach park for another downwind run. We are expecting northeasterly winds of 15-20 knots, so it will be somewhat challenging, not recommended for first timers but if you have done the run before you will be fine. Continue reading ‘Wednesday Training Group: Downwinder – Meet 4:30 Kahala’

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SUP Surfing Sessions with C4 Waterman’s Todd, Larry, and Jeff


Here are some videos and photos from recent SUP surfing sessions.
Continue reading ‘SUP Surfing Sessions with C4 Waterman’s Todd, Larry, and Jeff’

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Connor Wins The 2014 Molokai to Oahu World Championships



The 2014 Molokai to Oahu was a great event. We went over to Molokai on our boat three days before the event. It was nice to just relax and take it all in before the grueling 32-mile channel crossing. The night before my mom made her traditional competition meal, I got a good night rest and was ready to go the next morning. We loaded the boat with our provisions and I got ready to go to the start line. I did a little warm-up paddle to make sure I was ready to go and then I lined up on the starting line after the prone paddlers left. Continue reading ‘Connor Wins The 2014 Molokai to Oahu World Championships’

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Surfing with the S.I.C. Recon-10 SUP Board


Here are some stills of the SIC Recon-10. Really nice glide, and also turns well.
Continue reading ‘Surfing with the S.I.C. Recon-10 SUP Board’

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Connor Wins the Maui-2-Molokai Championships

Connor Baxter Wins
The Maui-2-Molokai Championships
For the 6th Consecutive Year!



The 2014 Maui-2-Molokai World Cup Championships was a great event. We all got up early – 5:00am – so that we could gas up the boat and get over to Mala Wharf to launch our boat. My dad, mom, sister and girlfriend were all on the boat to cheer me on. Continue reading ‘Connor Wins the Maui-2-Molokai Championships’

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New S.I.C. Custom Website

Mark Raaphorst has a new site dedicated for custom boards: Please check it out.

If you’ve been around the world of stand up paddle racing then you already know that Mark Raaphorst is one of the pioneers, innovators and still leads the industry in open ocean race boards. From the “F” series to the “Bullets” you will see SIC in the top rankings for most races here in Hawaii. Continue reading ‘New S.I.C. Custom Website’

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SIC Bullet 12′6″ is Awesome


It’s been a few years since I first got my version 1 SIC 12′6″. It was the first of the shape that would evolve the Bullet line and I loved it at first lift. I mean first lift because it’s lighter than most of the 10′6″ boards on the market at the time. That’s a big difference because when I look at what to ride from the quiver a lot of time it’s based on what’s easiest to carry for the day. Continue reading ‘SIC Bullet 12′6″ is Awesome’

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First Ride on a Starboard 8′10″ x 32″ Wide Point SUP Surfing Board


Here are some photos from a recent SUP surfing session with the Starboard 8′10″ x 32″ Wide Point. Continue reading ‘First Ride on a Starboard 8′10″ x 32″ Wide Point SUP Surfing Board’

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Starboard’s Zane Schweitzer Talks about Winning Oleron


Congratulations again to Zane Schweitzer for his outstanding performance in Oleron, France. Zane provides us with his feedback on the event, the lead up to participating and his exciting trip to the 1st position on the podium. Continue reading ‘Starboard’s Zane Schweitzer Talks about Winning Oleron’

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SIC’s Jeremy Riggs’ Father’s Day Downwinder


SIC’s Jeremy Riggs had an awesome Father’s Day last weekend! He was able to take his daughter Natalie out on a downwind run. Here is what Jeremy had to say: Continue reading ‘SIC’s Jeremy Riggs’ Father’s Day Downwinder’

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Wednesday: Downwinder Meeting at 4:30 PM, Kahala Beach Park


We are expecting another great trade wind day tomorrow.

We will meet at 4:30 pm at Kahala. Everyone is welcome to join, we may do a shorter course for the slower/entry level paddlers starting at Toes (the beach park at the bottom of Hawaii Loa ridge). The fast paddlers will do the longer run from Portlock to Kahala. We will not have a time trial training group in Hawaii Kai this Wednesday. Continue reading ‘Wednesday: Downwinder Meeting at 4:30 PM, Kahala Beach Park’

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SUP Grip Now Available for Retrofit


At Blue Planet, we were not satisfied with the carry handles on the market and decided to develop our own carry handle. After developing several prototypes and going through the design, testing and molding process, the result is the new, patent pending SUP Grip. This handle makes carrying Stand Up Paddle boards easier and more comfortable than ever. Continue reading ‘SUP Grip Now Available for Retrofit’

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Connor Baxter Stars in a Movie at the Maui Film Festival

This was sent to us via email by Karen Baxter.


Aloha Everyone -

Connor will be starring in a movie at the Maui Film Festival in a couple weeks. Hope to see you all there!!

H2mexicO – is to premier on Thursday June 5th at 10:00pm.
Continue reading ‘Connor Baxter Stars in a Movie at the Maui Film Festival’

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Connor Baxter Soars to 3rd Olukai Ho’olaule’a Win


The 2014 Olukai Ho’olaule’a was a great event. It might not be obvious to everyone there, but the Olukai team invests maybe as much time in doing a community service as it does on the race days. This year as they closed out their 6th annual Ho’olaule’a they shared a giveback day at Kaheawa Wind mills. More than 75 of the OluKai ‘Ohana planted 30 Koa trees. As the racers headed home, the Olukai ohana was hard at work. Mahalo, from one of the “Maui Boyz.” Continue reading ‘Connor Baxter Soars to 3rd Olukai Ho’olaule’a Win’

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