Stand up paddle surfing is taking the world by storm. Whether you call it SUP surfing, paddle surfing, stand up paddle boarding or beach boy surfing, you are entering a new addition to the waterman lifestyle. is dedicated to bringing you the most up to date inside information on the stand up paddle surf phenomenon. Aloha and mahalo for visiting

Wednesday Training Group: Meeting at 5:00 PM Hawaii Kai – Topic: Protecting the Shoulders


Coaching topic: Shoulders

We will talk about how to prevent shoulder injuries and show you some exercises to strengthen the rotator cuff muscles.

After coaching, we will either do our regular 2 mile time trial training course or interval training.
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SIC Team Athlete Lina Augaitis Wins 2014 Stand Up World Series

By: Allie Brown


OAHU, Hawaii – SIC Maui Team Athlete Lina Augaitis sealed the 2014 Stand Up World Series title over the weekend with her results from the final round of the series at the Turtle Bay Resort on the North Shore of Oahu. Fresh off her Battle of the Paddle victory on her SIC X-14 PRO-LITE in the distance race, Augaitis was off to Oahu in a very tight race with Australia’s Angie Jackson for the overall title.
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Starboard’s Zane Schweitzer Wins Sprint Race at Turtle Bay

By: Au


Dedicated and Determined Waterman, Zane Schweitzer overcomes a foot injury suffered at the BOP to win the Sprint Division of the Stand Up World Tour, Turtle Bay event. Having a set back in the long distance to the foot injury, Zane was determined to continue and to all out go for the win in the sprints, winning every one of his heats!

We received a full recap from Zane below… Congratulations Zane! Continue reading ‘Starboard’s Zane Schweitzer Wins Sprint Race at Turtle Bay’

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Wanted: International Distributors


Blue Planet Surf is looking for distribution partners to bring the line of 2015 SUP boards and equipment to an international market. We are looking for partners that ideally already have distribution experience in the surf/SUP market and existing distribution infrastructure, including a warehouse and access to the capital needed. Merchandise will be supplied by container from the factory directly to the distributor. We are seeking exclusive distribution partners especially for these markets: US West, Europe, Japan, New Zealand, Brazil, Tahiti, Fiji, Guam. Continue reading ‘Wanted: International Distributors’

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SIC Team Rider Lina Augaitis Takes 1st Place At BOP

By: Allie Brown


Dana Point, CA – SIC Maui (Sandwich Islands Composites) had an awesome outing from the SIC Global Team rider Lina Augaitis, as she finished 1st overall for the 2014 Battle Of the Paddle at Salt Creek. Racing on SIC production boards, Augaitis earned 2nd place in the elite course on her X 12 PRO and 1st place on her X 14 PRO Lite in the distance race. Augaitis was carried to the stage by her SIC Team members. Continue reading ‘SIC Team Rider Lina Augaitis Takes 1st Place At BOP’

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Kenny Kaneko Joins SIC Global Team

By: Allie Brown


October 4, 2014 San Clemente, CA – SIC Maui (Sandwich Islands Composites) is proud to announce that SIC Japanese Regional Team rider Kenny Kaneko has been promoted to the SIC Global Team. Kaneko has proven to be the best paddler in Japan in flat water racing, after joining the SIC Japan team. Kaneko has been a SIC Regional Team rider for a year now and has put up some impressive results in Japan.
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SUP Surfing on Downwind Race boards is FUN!


Surfing on raceboards is a lot of fun and a great skill to practice if you want to get faster on downwind runs, it’s all about surfing the bumps. Surfing these big long boards also allows you to catch and surf waves that others can’t, which opens up all kinds of uncrowded spots and smaller waves that are barely breaking that you can catch from way outside, surf and ENJOY. Continue reading ‘SUP Surfing on Downwind Race boards is FUN!’

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Lina Augaitis Talks SUP Community

By: Allie Brown


I came down to southern California 2.5 weeks before BOP and likely will stay and head to Turtle Bay the week after BOP. I am a Pro athlete which means I do have a lot of fun on the job but also spend a lot of time alone, figuring out logistics, and managing my budget. Continue reading ‘Lina Augaitis Talks SUP Community’

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Connor wins the Overall Event Title and Secures the 2014 World Title ahead of the final event

Connor Baxter Makes it a Clean
Sweep to Take the Overall Title
at Huntington Beach and
Win The 2014 WORLD TITLE!



The 2014 Huntington Grand Slam was a great event. The contest started off on Tuesday with the trials for the surfing portion. The next day the main event started and I was in heat 10. The waves were funky and super hard to judge where to take off. I was sitting in second place but then Brennan got a great wave which narrowly put me in third place, so I had to go the loser round and had one more chance to make it to round three. So the next day I got ready for my next surf heat with Robin Johnson and Fernando Stella. This was a very close heat between all of us but I edged out the other two guys to advance to round three. This next round I had a super tough heat and surfed my best. But just got edged out. Continue reading ‘Connor wins the Overall Event Title and Secures the 2014 World Title ahead of the final event’

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Starboard’s Bart de Zwart Tackles the Muskoka River X Race

By: Au


Congratulations to hard core, Bart de Zwart who just loves expeditions! After a grueling 11 City Tour, where Bart came out on top for the 4th time, he then went to Canada to take on the longest 1 day expedition in the Muskoka River X race only to Win AGAIN! Continue reading ‘Starboard’s Bart de Zwart Tackles the Muskoka River X Race’

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SIC’s Sonni Honscheid Prepares For 2014 BOP

By: Allie Brown


Team SIC’s Sonni Honscheid is a fierce paddler and she has been preparing for the 2014 Battle of the Paddle. Watch her in this clip as she is at home preparing for the biggest event of the year. Continue reading ‘SIC’s Sonni Honscheid Prepares For 2014 BOP’

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Introduction to SUP: Tips for Beginner Stand Up Paddlers

Blue Planet Surf

Between our Blue Planet SUP clinics and private and group lessons, we have helped hundreds of customers to learn how to stand up paddle. The best way to learn the basics and start having fun on the water with minimum frustration is by taking a lesson with a well qualified instructor that can help you learn proper technique from the start. If you don’t have the opportunity to do that, the next best thing is to read up and watch instructional videos that will help you avoid common mistakes and don’t let bad habits become engrained. Continue reading ‘Introduction to SUP: Tips for Beginner Stand Up Paddlers’

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How to Strap a SUP or Surf Board to a Car That Does Not Have Roof Racks

One of the most common questions we get from people interested in renting SUP’s from us is how to transport the boards to the beach without a roof rack. The video shows how we strap boards to the roof, everything you need is included in our low rental fees. You can safely transport up to 3 stacked SUP’s on almost any car using this method. The EVA pads and straps are available on our website at:

(click thumbnail to launch video)

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Ultimate SUP Showdown on CBS Sports Network 9/21!!!!!!!

This was sent to us via email by Karen Baxter.


Aloha Family and Friends –

The Event Connor won in Waikiki in August is going to be televised. That’s right. SUP IS GOING TO BE ON TV!!
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Starboard’s Bart de Zwart Wins 11 City Tour – 4 x’s!

By: Au


Congratulations Bart de Zwart on his 4th win of the 11 City Tour. Bart gives us a full recap on this amazing feat, which some say is the most grueling race of the year to win.

More from Bart here: Continue reading ‘Starboard’s Bart de Zwart Wins 11 City Tour – 4 x’s!’

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