The New RS-X Series by GoFoil: Transform Your Ride with Alex Aguera



In the ever-evolving world of water sports, innovation is the key to unlocking new levels of performance and excitement. GoFoil, a pioneering brand in the hydrofoil industry, continues to push the boundaries with its latest offering, the RS-X series. We had the privilege of sitting down with Alex Aguera, the visionary founder of GoFoil, to discuss this transformative new series and what it means for riders seeking the ultimate foiling experience.


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The Genesis of the RS-X Series

The journey to the RS-X series began with a simple goal: to create a foil that could handle the demands of elite riders while being versatile enough for various conditions. Aguera’s insights into the design process reveal a meticulous attention to detail and a deep understanding of what riders need to excel. The RS-X series, as Aguera explains, is the culmination of extensive testing and feedback, designed to deliver speed, agility, and unmatched performance in the waves.


Unleashing the Power of the RS-X

The RS-X series represents a significant leap forward in foil technology. Each model in the series is tailored to specific riding styles and conditions, from light wind winging to aggressive wave riding. Aguera highlights the unique features of the RS-X series, such as enhanced lift, improved stability, and the ability to carve turns with precision. Whether you’re charging downwind or pumping through flat water, the RS-X series offers a foil for every adventure.

Tailored for Excellence

One of the standout aspects of the RS-X series is its adaptability. Aguera delves into the importance of matching the right foil to the rider’s weight, skill level, and preferred conditions. From the RS600-X model, ideal for big wave towing and advanced winging, to the RS1075-X model, perfect for bigger riders or those seeking a versatile surf foil, the RS-X series caters to a wide range of foiling disciplines. This level of customization ensures that every rider can find their perfect match and push their limits further than ever before.


- perfect for aggressive speed and surfing big waves

RS600-X Specs:
Wingspan: 63cm
Wing Chord: 12.7cm
Projected Surface Area: 598 sq cm
Aspect ratio: 6.6


- ideal for high wind winging and waves, easier to control waves while winging

RS825-X Specs:
Wingspan: 68
Wing Chord: 15.25 cm
Projected Surface Area: 829 sq cm
Weight: 612 g
Aspect ratio: 5.6


- an excellent choice for aggressive wave riding, brilliant for wake foiling, winging and prone in smaller waves

RS975-X Specs:
Wingspan: 80 cm
Wing Chord: 15.25 cm
Projected Surface Area: 978 sq cm
Weight: 680 g
Aspect ratio: 6.5


- best suited for bigger riders or advanced wave riding in lighter air winging or smaller waves

RS1075-X Specs:
Wingspan: 91 cm
Wing Chord: 15.5 cm
Projected Surface Area: 1040 sq cm
Weight: 955 g
Aspect ratio: 8

Riding into the Future

The RS-X series is more than just a new line of foils; it’s a testament to GoFoil’s commitment to innovation and excellence. Aguera’s passion for the sport and his dedication to the community shine through as he discusses the future of foiling. With the RS-X series, GoFoil is setting a new standard for performance, encouraging riders to explore new horizons and redefine what’s possible on the water.


The RS-X series by GoFoil is a game-changer for the foiling world. Through Alex Aguera’s visionary leadership and relentless pursuit of perfection, GoFoil continues to lead the charge in hydrofoil innovation. Whether you’re an experienced foiler or just starting out, the RS-X series offers the tools you need to transform your ride and experience the thrill of foiling like never before.

Alex Aguera is the founder of GoFoil and the inventor of the first SUP downwind foil board. Check out Alex at and

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