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Any Zoners using "Primal Damage Control" supplements?

Posted 44 minutes ago

I really like the info on Mark's Daily Apple…it seems like a bottomless well of interesting health/nutrition topics. Mark is about my age and we seem to have similar fitness goals of getting the best quality of life we can for as long as we can…tha… [Link]

Re: The chain downwind vid.

Posted 51 minutes ago

Windy and hot, what can we say…..Some serious bracing too, I would probably have been in the water…. [Link]

Re: Dinner tonight

Posted 59 minutes ago

Red quinoa with some oil and sea salt and choice of seeds. Add some edemame and/or chopped up steamed beets. Damn good. Summer time with cucumber, corn and black beans. Ya, we live heavy on the quinoa. [Link]

Re: SURFFOILS Hydrofoil Design

Posted 66 minutes ago

Getting away from painted foils I'm trying these clear foils. They should make it look like I'm flying. [Link]

Re: New Boarder

Posted 71 minutes ago

I agree with the idea that you don't need a surf-style board. Go for a touring style board. A few suggestions which you can take a look at:Pau Hana Endurance, which is a very tough 12' touring style board.Bic Wing 12'6", a little less tough but faste… [Link]

Got Wings

Posted 96 minutes ago

Received these today. The masts and plates didn't come, but I started on the wings. One layer of carbon, five layers of 4oz on the bottoms. The odd looking one I'm extending with an aluminum plate to make a lower speed wing. [img]http://www.ridingsoph... [Link]

Re: Best Epoxy for strength and fumes

Posted 115 minutes ago

Thank you for all the input. My NY Glassing room is ready!I can't take credit for glassing that one, Terance Brandt in HB.Thx, FM [Link]

Re: The chain downwind vid.

Posted 3 hours ago

I just watched that video like 4 times in a row, skipping to 245 and beyond many more times! :o :o :o I forwarded this every interested paddler I know. I love the dog at the end too. Great job! [Link]

Re: The chain downwind vid.

Posted 3 hours ago

OMG the glide at 2:45!! and beyond. So well done. Awesome [Link]

Re: New Boarder

Posted 3 hours ago

I recommend skipping the all around/surf board straight up if you aren't surfing. You will want to upgrade to a longer, touring style board almost as soon as you start, so do that bit of research now for the type of water you will be paddling on and ge… [Link]

Re: F-One SUP Video

Posted 3 hours ago

That is the stuff of dreams. [Link]

Re: Any motorized paddleboards?

Posted 3 hours ago