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DaKine SUP Accessories

Part of the reason that I love SUP is that I love gadgets and DaKine has some of the best gadgets around. I just got some DaKine tools and gear and wanted to show them here.


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H2O Audio SurfMonkey Beach Festival


Saturday, August 8, 2009 // Oceanside Pier California

The H2O Audio Surf Monkey is a festival of events that has something for every endurance sport monkey.

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Laird Hamilton Stand Up Paddle Surfing Hookipa Video

Rand over at posted this video done by and I thought I’d repost it here since it’s a great video and Laird makes it look so darn easy.

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Starboard K15 SUP Board in Action-video


I’ve been riding the Starboard K15 SUP board off and on and shot some video of it in action. First off, the K-15 is an interesting board. It’s not meant for surfing but it can actually surf small waves. The board has incredible glide, especially in flat water which makes it perfect for lakes and inland paddling. A while back I took it out to Old Man’s in Waikiki and caught swell. I’m saying swell because for the most part, the swell never broke into a wave. You’ll see what I’m talking about in the video I shot of Randy Lui-Kwan surfing it.
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Martin Daly’s Captain Log: C4 Waterman SUP GUYS get SMASHED and SHACKED in the MENTAWAIS

martin-daly c4-waterman

Martin Daly’s CAPTIANS LOG 5-2009

I’ve seen a lot of surfers ride shallow reef waves off my boats in the Mentawais over the years, but I have never really seen anyone on a standup paddleboard come out here and tear it up. Well, maybe Laird Hamilton, but that guy is like an action hero… he doesn’t really count!
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Olukai Hoolaulea Race – Painful but Fun


Mark Raaphorst from S.I.C. kept talking about the Olukai race that went on May 17 and 18, 2009 and it sounded like fun so I flew from Oahu to Maui to participate. I was excited because Maliko downwinders are legendary and I was ready for the action. Before the race weekend, I kept looking at the wind forecasts and got worried because the forecast was for a headwind and not the awesome 25+ mph tailwind that we see and hear about.
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C4 Waterman Colorado SUP Demo


Try the new sport of Stand Up Paddling for free! If you are interested in learning how to Stand up Paddle then come on down on May 30 to Blue Lake (near El Jebel) from 10:30am till 12:30pm.
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Ultimate Fishing – Is SUP Next?

Randy Lui-Kwan sent me this crazy video of an alternative way to fish.

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3rd Annual Cabrillo Beach Enduro up on August 1, 2009


The Cabrillo beach 3rd Annual Enduro will be held on August 1 at Cabrillo Beach in San Pedro, CA. In sea breezes of 15-25 mph with water temperatures of 65° to 72° F and air temperatures of 70° to 85° F.

This Event will consist of Figure 8 windsurfing racing, and a  SUP race in the morning. If the wind does not reach the 15 mph minimum, as reported by, the race committee may elect to run course racing or other,  so also bring your formula or alternative gear (ie a  SUP) if you can.

The SUP race will consist of a le Mans style paddle around the Cabrillo Beach Bell Buoy.

Online registration will begin no later than June 2009.

For further event details go to

2009 Moonlight Beach Paddleboard Race Recap and Results

Moonlight Beach Paddleboard Race
Presented by Waterman Applied Science and Maui Jim Sunglasses
May 16th, 2009

Thank you to all the athletes who came out to enjoy a great day at the Annual Moonlight Beach Paddleboard Race. Our 2 lap format made for an exciting day for participants and spectators alike. Encinitas locals got treated to some incredible athletic performances from the likes of San Clemente’s Rob Rojas who dominated the field on his Stand-Up Paddleboard (SUP) followed closely by a hotly contested Unlimited race between Tyler Anderson and George Plsek. George narrowly lost his sprint to the finish, but it should be known that only an hour before he completed the Encinitas 5k Run which leaves Sunday’s Sprint Triathlon and 1 mile Ocean Swim to complete the “MachoMan” competition. Others competing in all four of the Festival’s events include Kate Major, Tom Hinds, Scott Tinley, Kim McDonald and Deon Lourens.
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Stand Up Paddle Swimming

So you’ve heard of stand up paddle surfing, downwinders and racing. Well, I just did stand up paddle swimming, which if I have a choice, I prefer not to do again. On May 5, I was out at Himalayas on the North Shore of Oahu and looked out and only saw 1 guy and decided to paddle out. Laniakea was breaking nice and there was actually only a small number of people. I’m not sure but I think that since the surf was good for a couple weeks, people were taking a rest. Jockos was double overhead and I couldn’t tell from shore how big Himalayas was so I put on my life jacket just in case.
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Na Kama Kai Ocean Clinic – May 17, 2009


The Na Kama Kai Ocean Clinic is on on Sunday, May 17, 2009

at the Kaimana Beach, Waikiki

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for information contact Duane DeSoto at (808) 864-9164

Maunalua SUP Ocean Clean Up


Sponsored by: Wet Feet, Malama Maunalua, and Soljah

Sunday, May 24th 2009
Where: Paddle inside the Reef from Hawaii Kai to Kahala
Check in: 12:00 noon
Paddle: 1pm-3pm

To enter, call us at the shop at 808.373.7873
or stop by and fill out an entry form
820 West Hind Drive
Honolulu, HI 96821

* $20.00 Donation goes to Malama Maunalua
includes a free Wet Feet Long Sleeve Jersey and lunch*

Forming a Human Chain of Awareness

Dan Gavere with the Werner Carve SUP Paddle-video


With me on this video is Dan Gavere from Werner Paddles who is going to show us the new Carve SUP paddle. Dan shows us how durable this paddle is, by leaning and putting all his weight on it yet it’s still holding up. I don’t think I would allow Dan to do the same thing on my paddles. But it’s amazing how the Carve is able to sustain such pressure and not break.
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How to Do a Cutback, Generate Speed, Carve to Snap and Do Floaters

Now that I’ve been spending more time SUP surfing again I’ve really been trying to get better and learn more moves. I couldn’t really do a cutback turn prior to SUP so anything for me is better than before. It’s been a bit frustrating but I found this surfline video of Taylox Knox on youtube that at least helps me know what to focus on.

I thought I’d post it here:

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