Ultimate Fishing – Is SUP Next?


Randy Lui-Kwan sent me this crazy video of an alternative way to fish.

(click thumbnail to launch video)

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1 Response to “Ultimate Fishing – Is SUP Next?”

  1. randy 1randy

    There are so many parallels of what this guy is doing to what we as stand up paddlers are doing. He was after years of fishing and over a thousand marlins later somewhat jaded and was looking for a way to recapture the feeling of catching his first big fish again. In much the same way, after decades of surfing and thousands of waves later, I found a way to recapture the feeling of catching my first wave. Of course, the early days are somewhat of a blur but the enthusiasm and stoke you feel as a gremmy shines bright. You constantly look for the perfect wave, searching out the perfect spot and trying to get in the perfect session to keep those fires stoked. Supping for me, as I am sure it is for many other converts from the surfing world, makes you feel like a kid again. Like that kid surfing his first few waves and always anxiously looking forward to the next session to try to perfect his craft. Makes you feel kinda like a kid at christmas. Life is good!!!!!!!

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