3rd Annual Cabrillo Beach Enduro up on August 1, 2009



The Cabrillo beach 3rd Annual Enduro will be held on August 1 at Cabrillo Beach in San Pedro, CA. In sea breezes of 15-25 mph with water temperatures of 65° to 72° F and air temperatures of 70° to 85° F.

This Event will consist of Figure 8 windsurfing racing, and a  SUP race in the morning. If the wind does not reach the 15 mph minimum, as reported by iWindsurf.com, the race committee may elect to run course racing or other,  so also bring your formula or alternative gear (ie a  SUP) if you can.

The SUP race will consist of a le Mans style paddle around the Cabrillo Beach Bell Buoy.

Online registration will begin no later than June 2009.

For further event details go to www.cabrillobeachenduro.com

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2 Responses to “3rd Annual Cabrillo Beach Enduro up on August 1, 2009”

  1. Kevin Knight 1Kevin Knight

    Aloha, One month to go before the Enduro! Our long-awaited registration link is now OPEN, so come join us along with your rivals, friends and family at http://cabrillobeachenduro.com.

    Good Luck, Race Hard, and have Fun!
    The Enduro Team

  2. Jack 2Jack

    Just one week to go. The SUP race is approximately a 2-mile round-tripper, from the beach to the Point Fermin bell bouy and back.

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