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The New RS-X Series by GoFoil: Transform Your Ride with Alex Aguera


In the ever-evolving world of water sports, innovation is the key to unlocking new levels of performance and excitement. GoFoil, a pioneering brand in the hydrofoil industry, continues to push the boundaries with its latest offering, the RS-X series. We had the privilege of sitting down with Alex Aguera, the visionary founder of GoFoil, to discuss this transformative new series and what it means for riders seeking the ultimate foiling experience.
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Unveiling GoFoil’s New P Series Front Foil Wings with Alex Aguera


If you’re invested in the world of foilboarding, there’s exciting news coming out of one of the market’s leading brands – GoFoil. In our annual interview with GoFoil creator, Alex Aguera, we caught up with him to talk about the company’s latest range of foil wings: the P series.

For those in the dark about foilboarding, it involves a surfboard with a ‘hydrofoil’ that extends into the water, making for an exhilarating surfing experience. The ‘wing’ is the part that sits under the water and provides the lift and turns surfing as we know it into the sensation of flying above the water. Here’s what Alex had to say about GoFoil’s brand-new P series wings.
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Catching Up with Alex Aguera and Checking Out the New GoFoil Masts and Tail Wings


I saw GoFoil’s new masts and tails online and thought it would be a good time to interview Alex again and ask him about them.

In this video, Alex shares his experiences with GoFoil’s new masts and tails and the best conditions to use them in. He also shares a lot of foiling tips so be sure to check out this very infomative interview!
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GoFoil Deep Dive with Alex Aguera on GT, RS, EZ, Wing Foil Boards and New Tails


Here’s another interview this time with foiling legend Alex Aguera. Alex is the founder of GoFoil and the inventor of the first SUP downwind foil board.

In this video, Alex give us an in-depth look at GoFoil’s new line up of front foils, tails, wings, and boards. Alex also shares a lot of tips – from front foil and tail combinations for different conditions, rider weight, and skill level; mast and foot strap positioning; board selection; riding stance and techniques; wing foiling; to high-speed foiling as well as using GPS watches to measure your speed – and a lot more! So be sure to check out this very infomative interview.
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Dave Kalama discuses the E3 boards, foiling and downwind best practices


I caught up with legendary waterman Dave Kalama to talk about all things foiling. Dave shares his knowledge about foil boards including construction, design, weight, size, and more. We also talk about foiling techniques and skills, as well as his lineup of the Kalama E3 Performance foil boards. These are his newest designs for SUP downwind foiling, Wind wing foiling and SUP foil surfing. I’ve been using the E3 model 6′ and it’s a big improvement over the custom that Dave shaped for me in 2018. We get into the nitty gritty details and if you’re into that then I think you’ll like this interview.
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Q&A – Information About The Infinity Quad

jason wrote:
Evan, would you mind giving me some information about the Infinity Quad?

I have an opportunity to pick one up and was curious if you had any additional thoughts about the board beyond your review.

Specifically, of all the boards you’ve ridden, where would you put this one in the pack for a pure surfing board?

I’m basically your weight, a little taller and am looking at a 10′6 x 28 x 4 5/8

How’s the stability of the board. Seems the thicker tails he makes would add to stability.

The other board I am choosing between is a PSH 10′6 all arounder

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Q&A – Beginner Board Recommendations

Chris wrote:

Hi, I’m sorry to bother you, but would you be able to help recommend a good beginner board for me? I’m trying to start standup paddling, and I’ve been reading this website as well as other forums, etc. trying to find a good board.

Based on all the reviews you’ve done, I figured you were the guy to ask. There’s so many different boards to choose from that I’m just making myself nuts trying to figure out the differences. I’m 6′3″, 235 lbs., and a novice surfer.

I’m looking for the most durable board possible, and I’m more interested in cruising than surfing with it. I’ll probably surf only occasionally, in knee-high waves. I was looking at the 11′6 c4 waterman from hawaiian south shore. I also inquired at psh, and Austin said they’d be getting in some 11′0 x 30 x 4 7/8 hand glassed boards in august. Would either of these boards suit me and be able to handle the abuse of a beginner falling/whacking it with a paddle every day? Or would you recommend an entirely different brand/board/model?

I like those two options I mentioned because both come with pad, fins, and paddle, which made them more economical for me. I’d like to stay in the 1400-1800 price range for the total package.

I’d really appreciate any advice or opinions you have, such as whether you’d recommend a molded sandwich board or a hand glassed one. I’ve been reading this site daily, and I love it. Thank you in advance for your time!

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Q&A – Surftech Softop Surfboard as a Stand Up Paddle Board

I have a surftech 12ft softop surfboard. Is it suitable for use as a stand up paddleboard?

I never could get the knack for riding the waves w/ it. Its just kind of going to waste. Before I step up to an actual paddleboard I would like to give it a try on the softop I own. I am 6ft 1in 250lbs.

Many thanks,

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Q&A – Surftech Infinity


I bought an Infinity, I’m glad I did. It’s a little on the heavy side but not bad. It’s loose… I like the way it rides and is easy to stay on while waiting for waves.

Question, will Infinity be making a Surftech version of this model. Since owning it I’ve depressed the deck & the grip on the front is starting to peel off. The front I can see it’s just tape. Clearly not a Jack Reeves, Alvin, or Clays glass job. I’ve been a backyard glasser for many years, I’ve played a lot with epoxies.

As a side note I went to Home Depot & got Rubber Mastic Tape 30″/$10.00 for wrapping the edge of the paddle (you don’t get a sticker though).

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