Unveiling GoFoil’s New P Series Front Foil Wings with Alex Aguera



If you’re invested in the world of foilboarding, there’s exciting news coming out of one of the market’s leading brands – GoFoil. In our annual interview with GoFoil creator, Alex Aguera, we caught up with him to talk about the company’s latest range of foil wings: the P series.

For those in the dark about foilboarding, it involves a surfboard with a ‘hydrofoil’ that extends into the water, making for an exhilarating surfing experience. The ‘wing’ is the part that sits under the water and provides the lift and turns surfing as we know it into the sensation of flying above the water. Here’s what Alex had to say about GoFoil’s brand-new P series wings.


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Introducing the P Series Wings


The P series collection includes the P1500, P1300, and P1125-HA wings. The ‘P’ here stands for ‘pumping’, indicating that these wings are designed for pumping around and maintaining your foilboarding session over extended periods and distances.


The P1500 is the largest in the series, designed for maintaining a super slow speed and helping heavier riders stay afloat. This wing, according to Alex, ensures that riders can pump around and stay up even in slow water conditions, making it perfect for beginners to advanced riders depending on its use.

P1500 Specs
Wing Span (cm): 122
Chord (cm): 15.24
Projected Surface Area (cm2): 1504
Weight (grams): 907
Aspect Ratio: 9.9


On the other hand, the P1300 is a fast, turnable wing that’s perfect for SUP foiling, winging, and riding in smaller waves.

P1300 Specs
Wing Span (cm): 107
Chord (cm): 15.24
Projected Surface Area (cm2): 1305
Weight (grams): 794
Aspect Ratio: 8.8


The P1125-HA, with a super high aspect ratio, is more suited to advanced riders who enjoy intense pumping and dock starts. This wing, as Alex points out, is designed for elite athletes who can maintain high speeds and precision over long periods.

P1125-HA Specs
Wing Span (cm): 122
Chord (cm): 12
Projected Surface Area (cm2): 1128
Weight (grams): 907
Aspect Ratio: 13.2

Masts and Tails

All wings in the P series use the V2 mast, which is stiffer and lighter, making an assured upgrade from the GT series. Along with these wings is the new 20-inch racing tail. The tail, made of pure carbon, can be cut to any size, ensuring a more personalized fit for each rider. Depending on your preference, you can use any tail with these wings, promoting a versatile and adaptive foiling experience.

High Modulus Carbon

As an interesting aside, Alex gave insight into the material used to construct these wings. High modulus carbon is fundamentally a high-quality and strong grade of carbon. The ‘high modulus’ term refers to the properties of the carbon fiber, not the resin. Alex also pointed out that the mast and tail wings, being solid carbon, differ from those on the wings, which contain a foam core.

Foilboarding with the P series

Alex also highlighted some crucial tips for foilboarding with the P Series. For heavier riders, or those in slower waters, he recommended the P1500 as the go-to wing. Conversely, in faster waters and for riders looking to pull off aggressive turns, Alex suggested trying the P1300 wing.

As for the high aspect P1125-HA, Alex mentioned this would be ideal for advanced riders seeking to take their surfing to the next level with pumping and dock starts.

Final Thoughts

With GoFoil’s P series, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a beginner learning to navigate the waves or an experienced surfer looking to experiment with tricks in choppy water – there’s something for everyone. These wings promise to revolutionize foilboarding, making every ride a fluid and memorable experience. As Alex signs off from this enlightening interview, it’s clear that there are plenty more exciting developments to look forward to from GoFoil!

Alex Aguera is the founder of GoFoil and the inventor of the first SUP downwind foil board. Check out Alex at https://www.instagram.com/alexaguera151/ and https://www.facebook.com/alex.aguera.1.

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