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2008 Waterman Week

C4 and Tropic Surf have a few spots on their Waterman surf trip in the Maldives. Join Brian Keaulana for a week of surfing in some of the most secluded breaks aboard a new luxury vessel Tropic Breeze.

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F-17′6″ and the ASS

F-15 with ASS Stand Up Paddle Board

Doug Lock talks about the dimension and performance of the F-17′6″, and shows the Active Steering System he attached on a 15′ board.

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icon for podpress  F-17-6 and the ASS [7:48m]: Download
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Stand Up Paddle for Kids

C4 Waterman Kids Stand Up Paddle

I made a paddle for my 5 yr old son by taking a 2 pc C4 Waterman carbon paddle and cutting down the shaft. This also allows me to change out the top part of the shaft so my wife can also use it if she ever decides she will come out with me.

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Puena Point with friends and Jamie B from

2-18-08 Puena Point

Check out this super glassy, fun day out at Puena Point on the North Shore of Oahu. I was out with my friend Jeff who is on the other stand up board and my friend Kekoa who’s riding a normal surfboard. The board I’m on is the Blair Quad 9’11” x 29” x 4.5”. The pictures were shot by Jamie Ballenger who owns

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Blair Surf 9-11 Quad Ripper – Review

Blair Surf 9-11 Quad Ripper

I met up with Joe Blair initially last October at Legoland in San Diego. Joe is a very animated guy and has decades of shaping experience with legends like Dick Brewer and Xanadu. Anytime I hear a shaper tell me how good their boards are I take it with a grain of salt. I finally ordered one and have to say that everything Joe claimed is true so far.

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Upcoming Stand Up Paddle Events

Here are a couple of upcoming events you may want to check out:

Event #1:

Encinitas Moonlight Beach Paddle / Swim
Presented by Nixon (Watches for winners)
May 17, 2008
10 Mile Paddleboard/SUP race from Oceanside to Moonlight Beach
Contact: Dan Van Dyck
Day: (760)436-3589

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How not to turn a quad into a thruster


I finally got around to getting these pictures online. I was at Ala Moana Courts the second to last week of February and had a fun but uneventful session. The tide was really low. At Ala Moana you need to walk over a long reef to get to the break and going out the water level was ankle high to shin high at best. The waves were pretty small, maybe waist to chest high at max according to my memory (getting old).

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My Brother on Late Night TV

Ok…I know this has nothing to do with stand up paddling but if you’re wondering where I get the music that I add to the videos on this site, wonder no more. It’s original slack key guitar compositions from my brother, Darin. This clip is from his latest appearance on Night Time with Andy Bumatai on the Hawaii NBC affiliate.

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Pearson Arrow Laird Stand Up Board

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Wet Feet Hawaii has new stock


I stopped in Wet Feet Hawaii the other day to demo some side bite
fins (FCS Vector II) and get a different center fin and noticed that they
changed the store. The ceiling is now expanded and the boards are standing
up. They also have new boards like the Titus Kinimaka Aviso all carbon
stand up board and the Ron House boards.

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9.8″ Jim Terrell Quickblade Hybrid Paddles at Wet Feet


Doug Lock of Wet Feet shows us the new Jim Terrell hybrid paddle from Quickblade and talks briefly about the blade’s design.

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icon for podpress  9.8 Jim Terrell Hybrid Paddles at Wet Feet [3:32m]: Download
icon for podpress  9.8 Jim Terrell Hybrid Paddles at Wet Feet [3:34m]: Download

More Balls than Finesse


Here’s a picture from of my stand up paddle buddy out at Chun’s Reef on February 16. I was on Maui for the Pono Bill big board test but heard the surf was epic on Oahu. I’ve always been amazed at his unusual and unorthodox stance. Yes, he’s standing the same as if he was paddling straight although he’s turning and going down the line of this North Shore beauty. Here’s a guy over 50 years old, staying in great shape and having a blast. My hat is off to him because he will rush double and triple overhead waves that I am afraid of.