How not to turn a quad into a thruster



I finally got around to getting these pictures online. I was at Ala Moana Courts the second to last week of February and had a fun but uneventful session. The tide was really low. At Ala Moana you need to walk over a long reef to get to the break and going out the water level was ankle high to shin high at best. The waves were pretty small, maybe waist to chest high at max according to my memory (getting old).

On my way back into shore I wiped out on an inside wave. The inside that day at Courts jacked up a bit and was much steeper than the outside break. As a result, I was tired and not paying attention as I got pitched over the falls. The board ran me over and I found out later I had 2 large bruises on my left butt cheek. I could take pictures but the white glare off my butt would blind you. You can thank me later for sparing you from that.

I actually found out about the bruises during a massage I had. My therapist said, “Wow brah, big bruises on your butt, what happened?” I mentioned the wipeout. She then said, “Oh, I thought that was from you and your wife…” Glad I cleared that up.

Anyway, I don’t know exactly where I lost the fin and the box. I only noticed it as I was wrapping up my leash and was feeling under the board for the fin and didn’t feel anything. I flipped it over, fin side up and my eyes popped open to see nothing left but foam.

To keep this short, the board is now at the Ding King getting fixed. The repair is $80 and I’m getting a new fin from Joe to replace the lost one. I didn’t realize how much I liked this board until this happened. The smaller fins really work on this board and make it super easy to turn

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  1. KaiDogg 1KaiDogg

    Auwe… I feel your pain, man.

    The AM tidal conditions have been pretty funky for the last couple of months, either bottoming out at mean sea level or going negative by mid-morning. The last few weekends, Waikiki has been plagued by the dreaded exposed coral heads from hell, especially in that stretch from Tongg’s to Public’s.

    Hope that doesn’t happen to me; I don’t have a backup board…

  2. Bob 2Bob

    Ouch….I can see where that hurt…and yes thanks for NOT showing your butt cheek.

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