Blair Production 10′1″ SUP Board



I had a chance to interview Joe Blair with his new production, the Blair 10′1″ SUP board.


blair-production-10'-02.jpg        Joe Blair inserting the fins with Dan Gavere looking in.


blair-production-10'-04.jpg           Blair 10′1″ with a 3-fin set up

Joe introduces his new model, a sandwich-style built board. It’s 10′1″, 32 ¾ inches wide and 5″ thick. He designed this board strong enough for bigger guys, for people to learn on, for surfing and possibly for rental purposes.

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The Blair 10′1″ has a thin, three-fin set-up especially made for this board; it has very soft rails with an edge to drive off for control. The edge and the rails make the board easy to maneuver while the nose and concave helps in catching waves. Blair also said that this board is great for nose ride and even beginners can have fun in the water using the Blair 10′1″.


blair-production-10'-13.jpg           Joe Blair with his new 10′1″ SUP boards and some friends.


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7 Responses to “Blair Production 10′1″ SUP Board”

  1. randy 1randy

    ho, Evan. Like try. Board looks like fun.

  2. Evan Leong 2evan

    I’ll let you try it next time we SUP surf. I’ve been riding it a lot lately and boy does it make me feel spoiled. It’s so easy to stand on.

  3. erik 3erik

    what’re the fins he’s running on that sweet looking board, esp. the center cutaway. best of luck to joe with the board. he’s a great guy!

  4. Evan Leong 4evan

    The board comes w/ stock 4.5″ sides and middle. The setup in the board above is with one of Joe’s windsurf fins. It’s a monster fin that he used it to teach some first timers. I’ve been running Future Fins – Vector 3/2 4.5″ers on the sides and a 6″ Future Fin middle. I was playing with cutaways but got turned on to the Futures and they work unreal on this board.

  5. randy 5randy

    I had the good fortune of trying this board this past weekend. The first thing I noticed on the way paddling out was that those chops I was paddling against were almost erased with the stability of the board. The next thing I noticed was that with the flip in the nose, I didn’t get the incessant chop slap that you experience while paddling against a stiff breeze. The board just seems to roll over all those little wavelets. With all that stability and nose kick, punching over white water and waves became something to look forward to. With less of your energies needed to stay balanced, you can concentrate more on where you want to be and where to setup for takeoff. Spinning around, even in adverse conditions is a breeze and your wave count seems to multiply exponentially. Once on, the rail didn’t catch and it seems to fly through the white water and race up and down the face. I was even able to find a few opportune closeout sections that the board would just float over. In short, what could have easily have been a quick “get wet” session turned into a 3 hours mini marathon. I was stoked. I rode the board in onshore chin high mush as well as hollow overhead conditions and found it to perform well with both your setup or with futre SB sidebites and a 7.5″ cutaway. All in all, the board was a great performer and I am very curious about the nearly identical 8′11 little brother to this 10′1. Now I’m a believer. Joe definitely knows his stuff. I want one! The issue is which one.

  6. Jeff 6Jeff

    Sizes 8-11 and 10-1 in stock at Wet Feet!

  7. sidmouthsurfer22 7sidmouthsurfer22

    [..YouTube..] How much is this board? And do u ship to uk?

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