Blair 8-7 Stand Up Paddle Surfboards


Blair 8-7 Stand Up Paddle Surfboards

Here’s a preview of the Blair 8′7″ x 30″ x 4.25″ high performance stand up board. Joe shaped this from a thinner blank than I would have liked and it feels like this board should be for a person under 200 lbs. I’ve ridden it a few times and it is definitely smaller than the 8′9″ I have.

Pros: This board surfs really well and makes sharp turns with ease.

Cons: This board has less paddle power than the 8′9″ and it is more tippy.

I think this would be perfect for an expert rider up to 215 lbs and intermediate person up to 200 lbs. I really think this is best for someone around 185 lbs or lower. This board really feels like a short board.

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