Joe Blair 8-7 Longboard Quad for Big Guys


Joe Blair 8-7 Longboard Quad for Big Guys

I know this isn’t a stand up paddle board but this may be an addition to your surf quiver. It’s a special surfboard built by Joe Blair for older or heavier guys. Here’s what Joe has to say on the board.

Da Round-Pin Quad

What a blessing!!!
Here is the story:

3-pin boards had to have a lot of tail kick to compensate for the fins stuck too far on the tail which lost its speed.

Quads have a faster bottom so the boards are faster; then with the fins moved up and a smaller fin in the back you have a board that will snap turn whenever you want to. 2 fins on the rail so you don’t spin out. The round pin is 3 times or so better than the bat tail; rolls into turns quicker, it’s smoother and hangs in better when going fast.

It also has softer rails so it is smoother and more maneuverable and helps compensate for the faster bottom.

Full concave bottom going into double concave with a little v in the tail makes it fast. With a speed spot between your feet. Very important!

My fins are angled differently than other manufacturers. Secret formula.

Pins rule – squares drool.

J. Blair

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5 Responses to “Joe Blair 8-7 Longboard Quad for Big Guys”

  1. Barry 1Barry

    Agree with most of the statements in this article. secret formula for fins is how you set up the trailer set of fins.
    Fin templates could be taller and narrower with a flex foil.

  2. swcbay 2swcbay

    [..YouTube..] nice board dude

  3. manny 3manny

    Hi Evan (you have great videos and infos)I saw your/this video on youtube a while back. After watching it a few times, I ordered a big guy quad surfboard from Mr Blair. I called him up (even when he was having dinner with his family, he was always available to talk) and he even called me to check on the size and everything that I need. Joe is great, he really cares about his customers and his boards. If one is looking for new custom boards and SUPs, give Joe a call. Hope to order SUP from him too in the near future. Aloha Joe!!!

  4. roguereef610 4roguereef610

    [..YouTube..] Beautiful board from Joe.

  5. roguereef610 5roguereef610

    [..YouTube..] Beautiful board from Joe.

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