Stand Up Paddle for Kids


C4 Waterman Kids Stand Up Paddle

I made a paddle for my 5 yr old son by taking a 2 pc C4 Waterman carbon paddle and cutting down the shaft. This also allows me to change out the top part of the shaft so my wife can also use it if she ever decides she will come out with me.

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2 Responses to “Stand Up Paddle for Kids”

  1. Bob 1Bob

    LOL…great pics of the kids. Nice paddle mod.

    Can’t wait for this summer. I found a 7′ Starboard windsurfer, similar to the one in the Ivan vid, but a little older with a full softtop. Should be great for getting my nieces boys on.

  2. Talmo 2Talmo

    check out this 3yr old learing to stand up paddle

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