C4 Waterman/BoardWorks Demo Day at Cardiff Reef, November 27


C4 Waterman/Boardworks
Demo Day
Cardiff Reef
Tuesday, 27 November

Gentle Waterfolk,

Please come join us for some camaraderie, wave sharing, coffee & doughnuts. Here is your chance to give standup paddling a try, and specifically, the Boardworks C4 models a spin. We will be there with the state of the art in SUP boards and paddles; from the mighty 11’6” to the ripable 9’ Battail; and possible the very popular 11’ inflatable ULI SUP. Starbucks Coffee and VG’s Doughnuts will be provided. Hope to see you there.

Ted Rutherford, Phillip Rainey, Rick Thomas, and Robbie Ellingson
Advanced Shaping Solutions

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  1. Calvin Tom 1Calvin Tom

    Ted and Phillip,
    Thanks for the demo day, cool stuff. I would like to get a paddle from you, let me know what you can set me up with. Thanks.

    Also, I would like to be able to try out the BoardFisher gear on different SUPs, maybe at your next demo or get a board to try it out on or something. I would be putting the pics on my web site. My cell: is 760 331 7036.

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