Wild and Wooly


It’s summer somewhere in the world… oh yeh.. in New Zealand. Too bad for the kiwis they are all experiencing a winter revival. The last two weeks have seen a swath of winter type storms brewing in the SPAC producing some of the biggest south swells of the season – in Nov. Good for us in Hawaii. There is basically surf all over the island. Blane emailed to say the Northshore was firing the past couple of days. I went out in town this morning to find some pretty fat waves rolling through out in the Waikiki bay. A couple Standup Surfers trying to battle the ferocious winds. A pretty amazing change from the super oily glassy conditions we had on Sat. Hope you are finding time to get out and catch some! As a special treat before the holidays, my buddies at Tactics have extended a 15% discount to all Standup Paddle Surf readers for tons of quality surf, skate, and snow gear. Just click on the image below and make sure to use the code “Paddle” when you check out.

Tactics Coupon

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