Kyle Bernhardt 10′6″ Stand Up Paddle Surfboard Video


Kyle Bernhardt 10'6 Stand Up Paddle Surfboard

This board surfs well as we learn from Jim of Tropical Blends Surf. He adds that he has had one of his longest nose rides on the Bernhardt 10′6″. The rocker is pretty much accentuated on this one to make it perform well on the waves.

There’s a double barrel on both sides but the board is relatively flat all the way. This board maintains a hard edge which Jim says is unusual for mass-produced boards.

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Jim: The white definitely makes sense. So anyway, that’s the 10’8”. Let’s look at another one, slightly smaller. I think we started talking about how to carry the boards. Well, it’s part of the conversation here. This one actually represents another way that we’ve thought, a way we’ve come up with to how to carry the board. Once you put the pad on, this particular string is only here for a visual but we put a much shorter piece of string on here and this – your pad will be right on either side of this. But basically, this is a thing that just comes out from a box right? And basically, what you do is you just pull this out a little bit and that becomes your handle so it makes it very easy to carry and get down to the beach. It’s handy, unobtrusive; it’s pretty much gone. So this was just another way we tried to figure out how to do a handle. We’re continuing to experiment with this and develop other options as well. This particular board is a 10’6” and it’s a little bit more oriented towards surfing and almost specifically nose riding. I beg your pardon?

Evan Leong: Looks like a nose rider.

Jim: Yeah. It’s pretty much a performance board almost – let’s call it a Waikiki board or a little softer point breaks, that kind of thing. I’ve actually ridden this board quite a bit and this board surfs very very well. It’s kind of amazing how well its surfs and I swear you can come up here and stand on this nose and eat your lunch up here; sandwich, picnic, put a chair, sit down. I’ve had one of the longest nose rides ever on this board. And you can kind of see the rocker that’s in it. A little bit more rocker than what we’ve shown in the boards in the past. The two that we have seen so far have a little less rocker, and a little bit flatter and more towards paddling. This one is a little bit more towards surfing and in surfing you need a little more rocker to make the board loose and make it want to go and perform in the waves.

Man: Will this be a hard board to learn on?

Jim: It would be a little more difficult. But look at your stature, look at your size. You’re not an overly large person.

Man: That’s right.

Jim: Everything is relative. The other thing is too – keep in mind I have demos of every board. Of every model, we have demos here. We also have a rental fleet. So you can take a demo out for the afternoon, try it out, see how you like it. It’s enough of an investment that you kind of want to follow through on that.

Evan Leong: Show us the rail design and stuff like that. Let’s take a look at that.

Jim: This particular board is designed by Kyle Bernhardt – by the way the two previous boards were made, I call him Ed Angulo or “Master” at his trade. Ed Angulo made the first two designs that we saw. This particular one has a little more foil through the tail – not quite as much volume through the tail. He’s also got a nice soft rail on it. He’s got some edge if you notice; there’s some edge along here, which is unusual in mass-produced boards. If you feel, most of them will have a softer, rounder feel here. These guys have the ability to keep the edge.

Evan Leong: Is that rail tucked? Does it tuck in at the bottom?

Jim: Yeah, this is actually, I would call this a soft surfing rail. What am I trying to say — more of a long board rail. This hard edge on the back is just to help initiate the turns.

Evan Leong: No V on this thing either really.

Jim: It’s got some V. It’s got some V in it. And it has got a little – if we put a stick on it we can see for sure. You see the double barrel coming on here. There’s a little double barrel on both sides. It comes back in to kind of flat tail, a little bit of V. If you come down the board, it’s relatively flat all the way. And now you start to get a little bit of lift, a little bit of concave. And then it comes back to, it’s going to come back to flat at the entry.

Evan Leong: This one is in the same construction as the Angulus?

Jim: Yeah, it’s the same exact construction as the Angulus.

Man: Was it made in the same place or…?

Evan Leong: Same factory.

Man: Is it? Oh same factory.

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