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Jeff of Wet Feet Hawaii takes me around their establishment and shows his inventory of stand up paddle surfboards. Wet Feet has a wide array of boards from different manufacturers and shapers like Blane Chambers, Kyle Bernhardt, C4 Waterman, Surftech Laird and a bunch more.

Jeff also showcases his rental fleets for customers who want to get a feel of the boards and see what size and shape they prefer before actually buying one.

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Jeff: We got all kinds of production boards over here. We have Art & Surf, Angulos, Kyle Bernhardt, Stewarts, C4, Surftech Lairds, Blane Chambers, and then…

Evan Leong: The Blane Chambers are they production or…?

Jeff: These are all production boards except for a couple…

Evan Leong: So the inflatable, people actually ride that thing or what?

Jeff: Yeah, I’ve seen people ride them. We saw one of them. It’s good when you’re traveling. So we have all kinds of boards here; we also have a rental fleet here. So what you can do is take the…

Evan Leong: So all of these right here are rentals?

Jeff: Yeah, all from here down. So what you need is take the rental board out to get an idea if it’s the right size board you want and then – you can actually try some of these boards before you buy them.

Evan Leong: Let’s see what’s on the rental then. This is the Stewart.

Jeff: Yep this is the Stewart we have for rent. It’s an 11’6”. We also have this – this one is all decked out. When we sell a board, what we do is put that custom deck pad on and we also put the rails and see if the customer wants it.

Evan Leong: So that if you bang it then doesn’t chip right?

Jeff: Yup.

Evan Leong: So then, it has this kind of a – looks like a step deck or what do you call it?

Jeff: Yeah, it’s a step deck. That’s what it is. So the volume is over here and then the rail over here is thinned out so when you turn, it’s a thinner rail that you actually having the wave bite – have the board bite in to the wave.

Evan Leong: It goes in to the back too and it’s kind of, it’s funky. What do you call this kind of tail?

Jeff: Wing. It’s a double-wing round pin.

Evan Leong: Has quite a bit of V in the bottom, looks like huh?

Jeff: Yeah. Actually, this one is pretty interesting too. It has got a bevel starting from here so the board is flat; and starting from here it bevels up. So when you’re on the wave planing, actually only the smaller area is touching the water surface so it feels like a shorter board.

Evan Leong: Interesting.

Jeff: So we have that as a demo. We have the (____) 10’10” as a demo, which is similar to the Art-In-Surf that is why we have it as a demo. And we have a custom 12-foot Coldwell as demo. And then we also have the Art-In-Surf as a demo, 10’10”. And then we have the soft top, boogie board kind type of board. It’s good for kids and when you don’t want to be hurt when you fall down.

Evan Leong: What is that? An 11?

Jeff: Yeah, we have the 10 and 11.

Evan Leong: Oh you have in 10 also?

Jeff: Uh huh. It’s a quad actually. That one is a quad. So what we’re going to do is we’re going to go outside and we’re going to show you the custom boards, which is actually the owners choice. We can choose any board to ride but the owners choose the custom. So if you go outside and we’ll show you the custom Coldwells we have.

Jeff: We’re pulling out Doug’s custom board.

Evan Leong: So this is a…

Jeff: If you’ve seen Doug out in the surf, he’s unreal.

Evan Leong: So you brought three of them. Let’s bring out yours out too then. Let’s check yours out. The thing is, this thing is fully checked out, huh? The lighting is better outside.

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