Standup Surf Tip – Cheap Paddle Protector


As part of our continuing SUPtips series here is a method that can be used for protecting both the rails of a stand up paddle board and the paddle. It is a 1” wide rubber mastic tape that can be purchased at any home improvement or hardware store. Pretty inexpensive way to protect your board and paddle.

It works best to apply with 2 people. Start at the shaft/ blade joint. Cross the joint and wrap ¾ away around the blade, then flip and wrap the rest of the way up and across the joint again. Then wrap a collar around the ends to keep them in place. Press the tape flat and try to keep air bubbles out. This material works really well and is especially important when boards are used in demo, rentals, or when someone is learning on your brand new board. Attached are a few pics of a paddle we applied it to and the box the tape was in.

Paddle protectorpaddle protector tapepaddle protector backside

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4 Responses to “Standup Surf Tip – Cheap Paddle Protector”

  1. GreatDane 1GreatDane

    I just applied the mastic tape to my C4 paddle. Went on super easy & seems to be staying on very well. I also used some as a grip on the shaft. I applied it like bicycle handle bar tape, but did not overlap each wrap since it would be too fat. I paddle up here in Washington State, near the Canadian border, flat water and downwind only. Thanks for the advice!

  2. Carnet Williams 2carnetw

    Cool.. glad to hear someone is using it. I have found I don’t really need any grip tape on my paddle handle. Maybe I have just been lazy and not minded the plain paddle shaft. Send us some pics!

  3. GreatDane 3GreatDane

    As a novice paddler, I think the grip on the paddle helps me grab the shaft in the right spot when I switch from left to right without looking. An experienced paddler probably doesn’t need to do this. I will send pictures asap. Thanks!

  4. Evan Leong 4evan

    I think it helps me too. It also helps a lot w/ gripping the paddle so it doesn’t slip in my hand.

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