Leleo Kinimaka (Kinimaka Ku Iluna) Dove Tail Stand Up Paddle Video


Tropical Blends Stand Up Paddles

I think this is Evan’s first wood paddle, the Leleo Kinimaka dove tail stand up paddle. As you may have seen on previous posts, wood paddles give that softer, gentler feel, and not to mention, they are just absolutely gorgeous. I’d say true works of art.

Check out the video as Evan shows us his new stand up paddle.

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Evan Leong: My new Leleo Kinimaka paddle. Check out the nice wood, in lay pieces. The thing I like about this paddle is this handle, it’s just really nice. If you look at it – I don’t know if you can see it but it just, it really fits in your hands. It’s really comfortable right here in your hand like that. I’m not sure what kind of wood it’s actually made out of but if you look at it, it’s just absolutely gorgeous paddle. And the inlays that are here on the blade. If you look at that and put a little inlay of the big island and then there’s something else — different kind of inlay right there. There’s a slight dihedral if you look, you can see. And there’s little bit of convex on the top part of it and this dove tail thing or whatever they call it. Anyway, it’s a super nice paddle and I got it at Tropical Blends.

icon for podpress  Leleo Kinimaka (Kinimaka Ku Iluna) Dove Tail Stand Up Paddle [1:11m]: Download
icon for podpress  Leleo Kinimaka (Kinimaka Ku Iluna) Dove Tail Stand Up Paddle [1:12m]: Download

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4 Responses to “Leleo Kinimaka (Kinimaka Ku Iluna) Dove Tail Stand Up Paddle Video”

  1. Tony 1Tony

    I have the exact same paddle. They are so nice. I had a regular blade before and cracked the shaft. Called Leleo and he was super cool. Was going to replace it for free but I had him make me one with the dovetail instead for about $50.

  2. Evan Leong 2evan

    Tony – I noticed that for strong paddlers this paddle seems to move the board faster than other canoe blade paddles I’ve used. I’m not sure if it’s the weight helping it along or the shape.

  3. Tony 3Tony

    I think it’s the blade because the paddle I had before was the same in every respect except no dovetail. This one paddles way better in my opinion. I little heavy though. My daily driver is a Kialoa but I like to bring this one out for special occasions.

  4. juan masante 4juan masante

    my english is bad,im britte in spanish
    me gusta mucho ese modelo de remo,como vivo en mar del plata no consigo uno original,entonces me estoy fabricando uno similar de la mejor calidad posible para probarlo.
    good waves and peace.

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