More Balls than Finesse



Here’s a picture from of my stand up paddle buddy out at Chun’s Reef on February 16. I was on Maui for the Pono Bill big board test but heard the surf was epic on Oahu. I’ve always been amazed at his unusual and unorthodox stance. Yes, he’s standing the same as if he was paddling straight although he’s turning and going down the line of this North Shore beauty. Here’s a guy over 50 years old, staying in great shape and having a blast. My hat is off to him because he will rush double and triple overhead waves that I am afraid of.

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  1. KaiDogg 1KaiDogg

    Hey, that’s okay! He must have exceptional balance and if it works, it’s all good.

    That’s epic Chun’s right there… Wonder what the crowd out in the lineup looks like behind that wave…

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