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I just got my new Vibram 5 Fingers KSO shoes that I use for stand up paddle surfing. This shoes help me a lot to avoid foot cramps and the grip is very good.


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I got these from Tropical Blends on Queens St., go check them out. This pair is different from the previous ones I posted because there’s a strap on the top of the foot and the foot is covered in a mesh like material.

vibram_5_fingers_kso -03.jpg           My new Vibram 5 Fingers KSO straight from the box.

I recommend purchasing one size smaller than you would normally have for walking. When using them on land, you don’t want your toes to rub on the front of the shoes. That can cause blisters. But in the water, everything gets loosened up. This one is size 43 but the ones I use on land are size 44.

vibram_5_fingers_kso -01.jpg                Vibram KSO still in the box

I tried it on and it fits just right from my toe to the heel. I used to have some problems with the old models because of the little side pocket that gets filled with sand. I always ended up spraying it out from the insole. This pair had the issue fixed.

vibram_5_fingers_kso -05.jpg               Sideview of Vibram KSO

The sole has razor cuts which adds extra grip. l also noticed the thickness on the sole of the Vibram KSO is more durable. It’s much more resistant to sea urchin spikes going through the sole.

vibram_5_fingers_kso -06.jpg                      Non-slip rubber soles on Vibram KSO

These shoes have been great for me. I’ll probably get my 4th pair soon.

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36 Responses to “Vibram 5 Fingers KSO -video”

  1. Strike577 1Strike577

    [..YouTube..] Very nice review

  2. 977claw 2977claw

    [..YouTube..] i have the same 5 fingers kso. it’s very great shoes!

  3. Anette 3Anette

    Hope to get a pair soon.

  4. Maximumcanon 4Maximumcanon

    [..YouTube..] Arent you supposed to use teh FLOWs for water activities?

  5. jacobedit 5jacobedit

    excellent review, you also made it on this site.. :

    hows your experience with regular surfing.. would you recommend the KSOs or the sprints?

  6. bntengowski 6bntengowski

    [..YouTube..] seriously its pronounced “vee-brum”

  7. m173627 7m173627

    [..YouTube..] You’re not “supposed” to use any model for ANYTHING. It’s whatever works best for you. Besides, the Flows are more cold-water oriented; they’re made from wetsuit material. They’re also more expensive.

  8. torontomapleleafer 8torontomapleleafer

    [..YouTube..] The KSO are also designed for water activities.

  9. NickFL 9NickFL

    Thanks for the tip on these shoes. I loved the concept of the my Nike Free shoes but these take it to the next level. Just picked up the exact same pair today for SUPing.


    [..YouTube..] one handed 5 finger shoe INSTALL!!!!

  11. lespaulgunit111 11lespaulgunit111

    [..YouTube..] @bntengowski “vibram” comes from the inventor’s name “vitale bramani”. vi-bram .he IS in fact pronouncing it correctly.

  12. bass3rd 12bass3rd

    [..YouTube..] They look like really neat shoes! How do they feel like when walking in the city, could they be used for a type of walking shoe.I have Hammer toes. I have tried different things to keep my toes apart but they don’t stay on and very hard to wear inside shoes. These look like they could do the trick, I’m not a really athletic person but I do a lot of walking. I also have bunions and calluses, is the sole thick enough not to feel to pebbles on the street,,thanks. Any comment would be welcome

  13. cbarakat 13cbarakat

    [..YouTube..] check out the “kso trek” model.. the sol is thicker.. they will help your toes separate, i had a minor problem at first, but their designed thin so you can connect to the surface beneath you .. goodluck

  14. markpianoman 14markpianoman

    [..YouTube..] Excellent video! I made the mistake of buying the five finger “classics.” The tab on the back of the shoe at the achilles tendon rubs a blister…wish i had bought the KSOs. I have the KSO trek which i wear as “dress shoes” to work — I really get some looks! The biggest selection of five finger shoes on Oahu is at the Wheatgrass Center on Center Street in Kaimuki, and they are very helpful to make sure to buy the right size!

  15. markpianoman 15markpianoman

    [..YouTube..] @bass3rd You will feel pebbles withe the KSOs or the classics; however, the KSO Treks have more tread on them and are considered their “trail running / hiking ‘boot’”. I wear them to my white collar job! They are made of kangaroo suede — beautiful and very comfortable!

  16. samalolo 16samalolo

    [..YouTube..] Do you still need a deck pad for the SUP? I wonder if they have enough grip to use on a clear board.

  17. Wolfeyez880 17Wolfeyez880

    [..YouTube..] Just bought the exact pair last week. When walking on the street you would be able to feel a pebble but your food really surrounds it so it does not feel very bad.

  18. Zipo214 18Zipo214

    [..YouTube..] @bass3rd they are really comfy i love them and have tried them instore and waiting for them to come in. my girlfriend walks all day in them and amazingly to me has no problems whatsoever first day she had a blister but thats cause she had to break them in they are awesome

  19. bames13 19bames13

    [..YouTube..] wouldn’t the flows be better suited for your purpose?

  20. doubleds100 20doubleds100

    [..YouTube..] fantastic product. been running barefoot for ~2 years now and love my fivefingers for indoor activities! recommend them to anyone!!

    p.s. size 44? bigfoot! HA

  21. fetymann 21fetymann

    [..YouTube..] @lespaulgunit111 actually, he’s right, if you pronounce Vitale the Italian way it’s with a “vee” sound. Listen here. forvo . com/word/vitale
    (remove the spaces)

  22. spenzehiga 22spenzehiga

    [..YouTube..] i love my kso’s and flow’s for trikking!

  23. iceman241111 23iceman241111

    [..YouTube..] What a showoff. lol

  24. spagnot 24spagnot

    [..YouTube..] these are the exact same ones im getting today!

  25. montenegrousa 25montenegrousa

    [..YouTube..] Let me ask you, what camera are you using? can you give me the brand and model. Thank you

  26. Evan Leong 26evan

    Sanyo Xacti E2

  27. reptiguy1229 27reptiguy1229

    [..YouTube..] my pair will be here tomarrow

  28. EpsonProductions 28EpsonProductions

    [..YouTube..] Cool I can’t wait to try them out.

  29. IsaacDemitryKinser 29IsaacDemitryKinser

    [..YouTube..] i really want to bar lace the kso speed

  30. bamagirl4evr 30bamagirl4evr

    [..YouTube..] where can u find them at if you know then comment on this

  31. MrGhostman123 31MrGhostman123

    [..YouTube..] @bamagirl4evr I bought my at shields.

  32. MrGhostman123 32MrGhostman123

    [..YouTube..] @bamagirl4evr I bought my at shields.

  33. groundskeeperwullie1 33groundskeeperwullie1

    [..YouTube..] mine arrived today. wearing them now.

  34. Zladysman 34Zladysman

    [..YouTube..] @bamagirl4evr I know you can buy them online and at REI. also the info on retailers is on their website i believe

  35. miltabib 35miltabib

    [..YouTube..] Would it be good for kitesurfing.. kiteboard with footstraps ?

  36. Evan Leong 36evan


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