Circular Saw Meets Paddle – C4 Diamond E



Disclaimer: This is not a production C4 paddle.

What happens when you mix a C4 paddle and a circular saw?

You get the Diamond E model paddle – named by me.

I have to say that I love this paddle for surfing. So far, it has the best ‘feel’ for me personally. This paddle has less initial ‘bite’ when first entering the water. Some like that, some don’t.

I got this idea after trying a bunch of different paddles. After a few months, it seemed like paddle blades could be separated into 2 categories. The first was a canoe blade, wide base and narrow neck. The second was an ottertail shape like the Infinity Surf paddle which has a wide neck and narrow base. I like them both for different reasons and thought I would try an experiment to meld the 2 together.

I took a C4 9″ blade paddle and measured the point where it was 8″ wide and measured a 5″ base. Then I took out the circular saw and cut right through the fiberglass and foam. I sanded the rough edges, put 5 min epoxy on the edges to seal them and then put mastic tape over the edge to minimize rail damage. Last step was adding a layer of electric tape over the mastic to avoid black scuff marks. After sanding the widest area in the middle is about 7.5″ wide and the base is 5″.

This paddle moves through the water much easier than conventional canoe style blades. It has less propulsion, but not enough to bother me. Since I’m normally not in huge waves, I don’t need to get anywhere fast and this paddle is very easy on my joints.

Like the Infinity paddle, less bite on the initial part of the stroke leads me to more balance when turning and catching waves.

For the guys that like the grunt feeling and power of a full blade, this is not for you. For those that want something easier to pull through the water, it may be an option.

The length is 75″ long and I’m 6′ tall. I like the shorter length for surfing as it’s easier to change hands and get into the crouch positions needed, especially when I’m off balance.

I don’t know if the diamond shape adds anything or if it’s just the smaller blade that makes the difference but either way I don’t really care.

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4 Responses to “Circular Saw Meets Paddle – C4 Diamond E”

  1. Bob Babcock 1Bob Babcock

    Sue loved your mod Evan. I’m going to shape the blade of the wood paddle I’m building her in a similar shape.

    BTW..thanks again for the copy of your book and your brothers CD’s. Very inspirational book and great music

  2. DW 2DW

    Great looking paddle.

  3. Nate Burgoyne 3Nate Burgoyne

    I had always wondered what would happen if you took a saw to a carbon paddle. Apparently it works. When Evan and I crossed paths out at Puena Point a few weeks ago, he had his Diamond E paddle with him. I caught a few waves with it. My personal paddle has a big blade and when we swapped paddles I was surprised at how strong the catch was when paddling for waves. For paddling into waves it was nice. The challenge I met with the paddle was that when the wave walled up and I put my weight on the blade, the blade would cut through the surface tension of the water and I wasn’t able to fully leverage the paddle. It could be because I’m used to a bigger blade but I think a little more surface area would make the Diamond E a winner.

  4. Evan Leong 4evan

    Bob – I’m glad you liked the book and CD. It was great spending time w/ you and Sue in Maui.

    DW- I think your wife will like this paddle if you make it for her.

    Nate – It’s a big difference btw your 9.5″ blade for sure. I’m too wimpy to use that big blade. I have gotten used to the small blade and that’s all I can use now.

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