Stand Up Paddle Surf Girl that Rips – Candice Appleby and her dad


Stand Up Paddle Surf Girl that Rips - Candice Appleby

Since I missed the stand up paddle surf division finals in the HASA surf contest at Queen’s Beach in Waikiki, Oahu, I paddled out past the break where I saw a bunch of stand up paddle surfers. It was a great day for first timers and it just brought back memories of my first attempt at stand up paddle surfing.

I’ve known Candice Appleby briefly since I see her surfing in Waikiki and at contests so I wasn’t surprised that she beat all the guys and took first place in the stand up paddle surf division of the contest. Candice won on a Blane Chambers production 10′ stand up paddle surf board from Tropical Blends Surf Hawaii and a C4 Waterman hybrid paddle with carbon blade and wood shaft (which she won at the Duke’s OceanFest contest in September).

Candice’s dad was visiting from San Clemente, California so Candice took him out to try stand up paddle surfing for the first time. Her dad looks about 160-170 lbs and he put him on a 11′ x 26.5″ softtop which is extremely tippy. I let him try the C4 Waterman 10′6″ stand up board I was on along with my paddle and his progress was night and day.

I didn’t get any video of the contest but I did get some cool shots of Candice pulling off some nice kick turns and some other first timers going through their learning curve. I even left in all the falling parts. Check out the video I shot to see for yourself.

Click here to see video of Candice Appleby and her dad stand up paddle surfing:

(click thumbnail to launch video)

Here are some pictures of Candice Appleby and her dad stand up paddle surfing:

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15 Responses to “Stand Up Paddle Surf Girl that Rips – Candice Appleby and her dad”

  1. Tony 1Tony

    Cool little video. Candice handles that board really well. I tried that board out for two sessions Wed evening and Thurs noon. Although it was a serious challenge to use it, I found that I was functional on it. All the muscles that were sore when I first started stand up were so sore again. This board would be a fun trainer. It had enough float for me and surfed really really well.

    Now the question is, can I wait until Jan (est) until BC’s next 10′ production board comes out. He says it will surf even better.

    You going to check out Wet Feet today? If so I look forward to meeting you.

  2. srfnff 2srfnff

    Evan, what a great video and cool story. It brought back some great memories as I learned to SUP right there, off Waikiki just last August.

    Now I’ve been bitten by the SUP bug and who knows if I’ll ever go back to laydown paddling.

    Too bad I didn’t know about your website or wasn’t further along this SUP journey, I’d have looked you up for sure. Maybe next time. In the meantime I’ll be checking your site often. Keep up the great work!

  3. Evan Leong 3evan

    I hope to make it to Wet Feet…we’ll see if I get a pass.

    srfnff – lmk next trip to Oahu. We’ll go sup.

  4. Evan Leong 4evan

    Tony – I went to the grand opening around 3 PM and ended up staying until around 5 PM. The place was packed. I also got a chance to see all the new boards and take photos of them. I shot the new Surftech Laird 11′6″ softop and 10′. I also shot the Boardworks Ben Aipa 11′er and some Brian Caldwell customs.

  5. Tony 5Tony

    I was so exhausted from a double session yesterday that I slept in however I was at Wet Feet at 1000.

    I stopped by Tropical Blends afterwards and demoed Blane’s production 9′2″. It was far more stable than I expected although it paddled like a dog for my 220lbs.

    I ended up buying the 10′ production board. Candace Appleby was in the store while I was setting the board up and she was super cool to talk to. She has a SUP contest tomorrow at Maile Pt. Good luck Candace!!!

  6. Evan Leong 6evan

    I know what you feel like. I’ve been having pain in my rotator cuffs for the past few days. I’m not totally sure what’s causing it but it sure is irritating.

    That’s amazing that you rode the 9′2″ at 220 lbs. Did you catch any waves?

    That 10′ BC PSH production board was pretty good when I tried it. It was in dead calm glassy conditions and no waves so I was not able to surf it. Also, it was Candice’s and I didn’t want to hog it. I’ll demo one from Tropical Blends when it’s available. Did you surf it yet?

  7. Candice 7Candice

    Hey Evan! I like the video. The falling parts really made me laugh! I got the BC Leleo 9′2”. Let’s go SUP. Waves on the South are on da rise, you know where i’ll be!

  8. Tony 8Tony

    I demoed the 10′ a few days ago. The first time was in 15-18 mph winds and chop. I fell my fair share but I was functional on it and caught a bunch of waves at Courts. The next day I took it out to Concessions and it was less windy and choppy. It was fun and caught a bunch of waves.

    With the 9′2″, I didn’t really catch any waves. It was blowing hard onshore when I had it and it was difficult to catch the crumbling mess. I also feel that I was too heavy for it in that there was no glide after my paddle stroke. I’d pull then come to a dead stop. I felt like I was creeping along and that it negated the advantage of being able to paddle into the wave early.

    I really liked the fact that it was easily transportable though. By the way, Jim has the 10′ set up for a demo.

  9. Evan Leong 9evan

    I like the transportability of a sup board 10′ and under also. It’s lighter, easier to carry and fits in the car better. I’ll check out the 10′ demo from him soon.

  10. Mickey 10Mickey

    Loved the video of Candice and her Pop. Shes pretty incredible! I recently returned from Waikiki where I spent many days watching Candice SUP She’s really talented I will be watching her progress. Can’t wait to see what the future hold for her! Tropical Blends is so smart to have picked her up to represent their shop and boards, I spent time in the water with her while on my vacation surfing Queens she is a good role model and truly has the aloha spirit. I’d like to see some wave riding of her as watching her and surfing with her at Queen’s was quite a treat.Strong is Beautiful!

  11. 1critter 111critter

    [..YouTube..] Great turns Candice!!! It take good skills to get the nose up and cranks those turns. I’m going to practice turns tomorrow.

  12. Dean 12Dean

    Candice is the biggest wave hog in the line up and has no respect for the local girls at Queens or Makaha. Just ask them and they will tell.

  13. b barber 13b barber

    Candice are you the roller skater in springfield, mo?

  14. gordolphin 14gordolphin

    [..YouTube..] Congrats, Candace, on winning both final heats – Pro Division vs Brian Keaulana, et al and the Women’s Open – at the Duke’s Ocean Fest! What a talent; such grace and ability and the biggest heart!!

  15. Jeff 15Jeff

    Yes, she is a wave hog, and isn’t even that good. Selfish soul, that one. She gets no respect from me.

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