Custom Brian Caldwell 9-4 Stand Up Paddle Surfboard Video


Custom Brian Caldwell Stand Up Paddle Surfboards at Wet Feet Hawaii

I visited Wet Feet and checked out the Brian Caldwell 9′4″ custom board — 27 inches wide and 3 ¾ thick. The board rides well on overhead waves and has a lot of interesting concaves and angles.

Doug explains more about the board on the video.

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Doug: This is a 9’4” I consider a short board.

Evan: Well, you’re 9’4” rasta board.

Doug: Rasta board with rasta pad.

Evan: 9’4” by what?

Doug: This one is 27”. It’s a little narrow but it’s good, like on calm days it’s fine. The thickness is, again, this is 3 and ¾ thick. This one is pretty much like the 10-foot. It has got a slightly more pull and the other boards – it has a little bit fuller more for nose riding.

Evan: So this one is more for, because it’s short you’re going to step on the tail mostly and ride it on the tail.

Doug: Yeah, it’s going to perform more like a short board than it would more of a traditional style 50/50 long board, short board. This would be more of an actual short board. Same fin set up as the other one. But this board has a single concave on the nose as opposed to the bottom there. This board was made actually earlier, about a month earlier, and the concave… there’s like slight, a little slight, single concave right up to the middle, just for nose riding. As you notice here, the chime…

Evan Leong: That thing nose rides really well?

Doug: Nose rides really well, year. And the chime here is not extreme as on the other board. It’s a little more subtle – more of a rounder edge coming back and then it starts here sharper. Not as sharp as the 10’0”. A little bit more round – this gives the board just more of a neutral handling feel; doesn’t feel as… it just wants to flow more. Because on a smaller board you can stand on the tail and just kind of flow with it kind of thing. Same five-fin set up, same fins as the other ones. We’re running on the five-fin set up. The VFT one, the 5-12 tech foils and pretty much any quad set up works. It seems like the bigger quad fins seem to work a little better. It has a little more drive and a little more stability with the board.

Evan: And then, where would you ride this board normally?

Doug: This is like a hotdog board. So this is up to like four feet, Hawaiian scale – just about a little overhead and more, cleaner conditions, something you can just get on the tail and just do some turns.

Evan: How much do you weigh?

Doug: I’m about 170.

Evan: So you’re mostly on 9-something boards then?

Doug: 9-something yeah. I like the 10’0” though because it has a nice balance of everything, a little bit of everything on it. It has a nice – you can flow with it. Nice to nose ride, tail ride; has a nice diversity as opposed to just the short board where it feels like you’re planted on the tail most of the time. Until you get to a section you can ride the nose. The 10’0” is more reversible.

Evan: Ok. Cool. Anything else you want to say on this board?

Doug: Brian, you’re a great shaper.

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  1. Evan Leong 1evan

    I should be getting a 10′ version of this late this week so I’ll have something to review first hand. I think it’s 10′ x 28″ x 3 7/8″ in the exact template of Doug’s 9′4″. We’ll rig it with a custom deck and tail pad and install the XM clear traction deck on the front of the board so it won’t need wax to ride the nose. This will be my first 5 fin setup so I’m pretty excited to see how it rides.

  2. heatscore94 2heatscore94

    [..YouTube..] hey dood, i found this video because you have exacly the same name as me, im better at surfing tho

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