DaKine SUP Accessories


Part of the reason that I love SUP is that I love gadgets and DaKine has some of the best gadgets around. I just got some DaKine tools and gear and wanted to show them here.


I’ve been playing around with different gloves lately. I started getting blisters on my hands from downwinders and started with the cut off finger type gloves. That helped, but it didn’t solve the issue. Since then, if I wear gloves, it’s full fingers. These gloves by DaKine are meant for windsurfing or kiteboarding and work just fine for SUP.


dakine-sup-accessories-24.jpg                           Top of glove


dakine-sup-accessories-25.jpg                                Palm side of glove


dakine-sup-accessories-01.jpg                               DaKine Baja Tie Down Straps

I like the DaKine Baja tie down straps because they are wider than most other straps. I think they’re 1 3/8″ wide so they distribute the pressure more evenly than narrow straps. The buck is also protected by a thick layer of neoprene.


dakine-sup-accessories-10.jpg                               DaKine Sun Hat

This hat offer sun protection and won’t fall off your head as long as you have the chin strap on.


dakine-sup-accessories-16.jpg                               Chin Strap


dakine-sup-accessories-12.jpg                               Button to remove neck protection


dakine-sup-accessories-14.jpg                               Pocket in the inside part of the hat


dakine-sup-accessories-17.jpg                               DaKine Cool Tool

The DaKine Cool Tool is an “All in One” tool with a ratchet head and ergonomic handle. In the handle there are attachments for flat and phillips screwdriver, side fin tool and wrench.


dakine-sup-accessories-19.jpg                               Top view of DaKine Cool Tool


dakine-sup-accessories-20.jpg                               Side view of DaKine Cool Tool


dakine-sup-accessories-04.jpg                               DaKine Torque Driver

The DaKine Torque Driver is similar to the Cool Tool although it stores the attachments in the handle and is a bit easier to tighten things really tight.


dakine-sup-accessories-05.jpg                               DaKine Torque Driver Side View


dakine-sup-accessories-07.jpg                               DaKine Torque Driver Inside View


dakine-sup-accessories-08.jpg                               DaKine Torque Driver Attachments: phillips and flathead screwdriver, posidrive, 3/32″ hex and wrench


dakine-sup-accessories-09.jpg                               DaKine Torque Driver ready for action


(click thumbnail to launch video)


Check out the other DaKine accessories at


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