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2015 Molokai 2 Oahu Race Board Rental and Buyback Program


Now that the start list has posted, we have been getting questions from customers looking for a board to use for the Molokai to Oahu race in July 2015. We still have a limited selection of performance downwind boards available for rent and we are also offering the SIC buy back program again:
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SIC Gives Back At Ike Imua

01-unnamed-1 All photos courtesy of Erik Aeder.

For the past few years, we’ve been taking part in an incredible few events with the Paddle Imua Ohana over on the island of Maui. Ike Imua is a family friendly event that aims to invite children with special needs and disabilities to enjoy a day of paddling in the ocean. Ike Imua is a pre-event for Paddle Imua and a fundraiser event for Camp Imua.
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SIC F-14 Wide-Glide featured in OUTSIDE Summer Buyer’s Guide 2015


San Clemente, CA (April 14, 2015) – OUTSIDE, America’s leading active lifestyle brand, has selected SIC Maui (Sandwich Islands Composites) to be featured in their Summer Buyer’s Guide as among the best gear to have for the summer sports season. SIC F-14 Wide-Glide was reviewed in the Stand Up Paddleboard category. The entire selection of products appears in OUTSIDE’s Summer Buyer’s Guide, on newsstands April 28.
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Riggs Rides With The Wind


SIC Maui ambassador Jeremy Riggs knows how to go with the flow, or wind rather. He recently got a new custom SIC Bullet just in time for the kickoff to the downwind season over in Hawaii (where he resides) and his new board looks great!
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Lina Augaitis Talks Costa Rican Adventure


Words by SIC Maui athlete, Lina Augaitis

Welcome to a week of epic SUP surf, fun downwinders, jungle walks, great food and coffee, quaint/rustic cabinas, an amazing family and feel good vibe, jam sessions, and a whole lot of peace of mind.
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Georges Cronsteadt Finishes 3rd in Race at The Ultimate Waterman

01-image-jim-culley1 Photo: Jim Culley

A huge congrats goes to our Global Team Rider Georges Cronsteadt for finishing on podium in 3rd place in the race discipline at The Ultimate Waterman. The race, and entire event for that matter, has had the most fierce and all-around amazing waterman competing against each other for the inaugural title of “The Ultimate Waterman.”
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SUP Instructor Training Course


If you are interested in becoming a Professional Stand Up Paddle Association certified SUP instructor on Oahu, Blue Planet has scheduled two instructor training classes: April 6,7,8 and May 21,22.

For details visit:

On the Road with Team SIC Maui


The SIC Maui team has been on the road for the last couple of weeks down in the southern hemi. The crew has been to New Caledonia, Tahiti, Australia and will continue to travel around in that area for the next week or so. Livio Menelau, SIC Global Team rider is a part of the crew that is on the road where he gives us an update of what has been going on. Here is what he had to say:
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SIC // Paddle Imua Relay

By: Allie Brown


The fourth annual Paddle Imua event to benefit Imua Family Services’ Camp Imua will once again take place on May 9, 2015 at the Maliko Gulch to Hawaiian Canoe Club in Kahului Harbor.
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The Tahitian Beast Joins Ultimate Waterman Line-Up

By: Allie Brown


It was announced earlier last week that our very own Tahitian Beast, Georges Cronsteadt, is the final athlete to join the list of incredible athletes who will partake in the Ultimate Waterman event in mid-March.
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Georges Cronsteadt Wins In New Zealand

By: Allie Brown


SIC Maui Global Team Rider Georges Cronsteadt dominated over the weekend with a win in Auckland, New Zealand at the Jett City Surf Series event #10. With close to 50 participants, Georges was able to come in on top over the rest of the field.
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SUP Examiner Reviews the 12.6 Air Glide Inflatable

By: Allie Brown


SUP Examiner has been pumping out a ton of reviews on products and his latest review is on our 12.6 Air Glide Inflatable!

Here is a brief excerpt from the review:
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Venice: Stand Up and Gondola Paddling Adventure, January 2015


Being able to go Stand Up Paddling in Venice was a dream come true for me. I had it on my bucket list for a while so when we took a family vacation to Florence this January I planned a day trip to Venice despite the cold weather. Continue reading ‘Venice: Stand Up and Gondola Paddling Adventure, January 2015′

Kenny Kaneko | Winter Paddling

By: Allie Brown


Don’t let winter and cold weather get you down…

Follow the lead of Global Team rider Kenny Kaneko as he paddles into below freezing weather! Suit up properly and it shouldn’t be too cold at all!
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SUP Shoulder Injury – Dealing with Injuries and What Helps

Blue Planet Surf

In these two videos I talk about a shoulder injury I have been dealing with for over a year and what worked for me. I hope this helps others.
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