SIC F-14 Wide-Glide featured in OUTSIDE Summer Buyer’s Guide 2015



San Clemente, CA (April 14, 2015) – OUTSIDE, America’s leading active lifestyle brand, has selected SIC Maui (Sandwich Islands Composites) to be featured in their Summer Buyer’s Guide as among the best gear to have for the summer sports season. SIC F-14 Wide-Glide was reviewed in the Stand Up Paddleboard category. The entire selection of products appears in OUTSIDE’s Summer Buyer’s Guide, on newsstands April 28.

This year, the OUTSIDE team of adventure sports experts hit the trails on foot and on wheels, and took to rivers and lakes around the country to put all the newest shoes, bikes, boats, fitness apparel, accessories and gadgets to the test. The Summer Buyer’s Guide offers readers everything they learned from field-testing hundreds of products, making it the top resource for everyone from seasoned adventurers to those venturing out for the first time. Reviews are organized by sport and activity, and include the ideal setting or experience level for each product, as well as tips for getting the most out of each gear pick. Only the best items on the market are “The predecessor to the Bullet series, the F Series boards are fast, stable and forgiving,” says SIC’s Brand Manager Jeff Baillargeon. “They are the most seaworthy and stable of the open ocean / touring boards. They are perfect for the larger paddler or a paddler who is looking for the performance and comfort of a BMW 7 Series in “The innovations in the field of adventure and outdoor gear never cease to amaze us,” says OUTSIDE Buyer’s

Guide editor Sam Moulton. “Our team of gear experts had plenty of difficult choices to make in putting together the Summer Buyer’s Guide this year, but after testing everything from hiking packs and running shoes to wearable tech and commuter bikes, we hand-picked the very best 350 products, including the fourteen very top performers that received our coveted Gear of the Year award. Once again, the issue is packed with everything you need for summer fun and adventure.”

The SIC F-14 Wide-Glide offers more volume and stability without sacrificing performance. The wider mid-point and widened tail enables paddlers to put power behind their stroke and mitigate power loss often associated with rail-to-rail instability. The rocker profile is derived from the new Bullet 14V2, which makes the board quick to plane and prolongs the glide. The F-14 Wide-Glide was designed for the larger bodied paddler who is looking for more stability and a great multi-purpose fitness, down-winding and touring hull. Make no mistake, if you want to feel confident and secure and you are sub 325 lbs, the F-14 Wide-Glide will give you the confidence in the open water like no other. The complete list of Gear of the Year Awards winners will be featured in the OUTSIDE Summer Buyer’s Guide.

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