SUP the Mag | SIC Bullet 11′ Review


By: Allie Brown


SUP the Mag featured the SIC Bullet 11′ in its latest review. Check out what they had to say!

The SIC Maui Bullet 11′ by Shaper Mark Rapphorst is truly well rounded for every kind of condition. Built for recreational fitness paddling and primarily ladies looking for all-round performance, this board also works great for lighter males. If you want a lite weight board that does it all, flat-water fitness, downwind gliding, small wave surfing, and even your yoga class, there is no better board in the world.

When SUP the Mag did a review we were excited to see what they thought of our Bullet. Here’s a few highlights:

“The Bullet 11 really is just that: a bullet in the water. Born from the mind of renowned open-ocean board shaper Mark Raaphorst, the boards in the Bullet series are a true pleasure to paddle.”

“the Bullet isn’t a one-trick pony: thanks to the narrow tail and flat bottom combination it surfs waves really well (for an open-ocean board), flying down the line and reacting well to quick adjustments in direction.”

We’re stoked to see the bullet taking on the SUP world! To see the full review from SUP the Mag, click here.

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