SIC Maui Fish 9.5 Featured on SUP Examiner


By: Allie Brown


The Fish 9.5, one of our new 2015 models was just featured on SUP Examiner. Check it out:

The 9.5 Fish was designed for the high-performance SUP surfer in mind. That being said, it’s an awesome board for beginner SUP surfers, advanced SUP surfers and everyone in between.

The SUP Examiner took a close look at the 9.5 Fish and here are a few highlights on what they had to say:

  • “It is a true performance shape dedicated to SUP surfing that is easy to learn and a lot of fun to paddle.”
  • “The board is as responsive as a sports car yet its size allows for a margin of error not commonly associated with performance surf SUPs.”
  • “SIC’s glass composite construction is light and durable making the Fish 9.5 easy to carry from your vehicle to the beach.”

We’re stoked on the positive review. To read the full review from the SUP Examiner, click here.

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