SUP Examiner Reviews the X-14 Pro


By: Allie Brown


The SIC Maui X-14 Pro has just received an awesome review from the SUP Examiner! Here are some highlights:

“The SIC X-14 Pro’s silky smooth glide was immediately noticeable from the moment I took my first stroke. The board simply slides over the water’s surface with an elegant glide and effortlessly gets up to speed within seconds.”

“The SIC X-14 Pro’s full volume contributes to the board’s stability, enhanced by the exceptionally clean lines along the rails and slightly recessed standing deck.”

“With the proliferation of flat water races, it is nice to see a thoughtfully designed and well-engineered SUP tailored specifically for the conditions. If racing is not [yet] your cup of tea, the SIC X-14 Pro is an excellent choice for on the water fitness and recreational paddling. It is comfortable to paddle, glides extremely well and is an easy board to learn. This board will turn heads on your local waterways and make you look good.”

We’re stoked on this review! To read the full review click here.

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