Starboard’s Beau O’Brian Wins King of the Cut on the ACE.



Congratulations Beau O’Brian for winning his second event in 7 days. Beau recent won the Doctor Race in Perth, then turned around the next week to dominate the King of the Cut.

Beau gives us a recap of the event here:

The King of the Cut this year was a highly contested race having paddlers such as Zane

Schweitzer , Travis Grant, Jake Jensen, Toby Cracknel , Paul Jackson , myself (Beau O’Brian) and many more.

The conditions were looking good for the 24 km downwind race . At the start the race was on with Zane taking the early lead and followed by myself, Travis and Jake hot on his tail, as we started to get into the bumps my board really started to pick up speed and before I knew it I was out in front. The others started to come with me but the 2015 14′ ace 25″ once again proved itself to be the pick of boards.

I gained about a 200m lead about 5km into the race. About half way Jake and Travis surfed their way up to me and were only 50m behind, that’s when I really had to work, focused on the bumps and still driving off the win at the doctor I managed to pull away again.

With about 5 km to go the lead boat lead me into shore way too early but then turned back out to sea, this is where I thought my race was over with 5 km of cross chop to go. Luckily Travis in 2nd place followed me.

I knew at this stage the race was mine. With my eyes on the win and the $5000 prize I powered on. Turning the final bouy and pulling down a wave I was so excited and over the moon about again beating one of the worlds best Down Wind Paddlers (Travis Grant).

Massive Thanks goes out to Team Starboard for their support and always putting the best board under my feet.





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