Da Hui Backdoor Shootout sees great Round 3 action & an elite SUP Exhibition event at Pipeline


Keali’i Mamala wins the prestigious SUP exhibition with an epic Pipeline Barrel

After a challenging first outing at Pipeline last Friday in lacklustre conditions, an elite crew of 6 Stand Up Paddle athletes took to the water for an hour long exhibition, as the winds turned offshore, and the surf turned on for a unique showcase for Stand Up Paddling at Pipeline.

Keali’i Mamala has been off the Stand Up World Tour radar for a few years, after a strong early surge in Hawaii and Tahiti, but comes back into the limelight this week by taking the win in this second SUP exhibition at Pipeline held in far superior conditions than the first last week.

After a few months in Europe riding everything from Stand up to tow surfing boards, Keali’i has been looking fit and hungry, as he used his knowledge out at Pipeline to find the best barrels of the heat, scoring a 9.6 on one to take the win in this ‘best wave’ format.

As an exhibition of Hawaiian talent out at Pipeline in memory of Duke Kahanamoku, it only seems fitting that Keali’i should excel not only at Pipeline, but celebrating this unique opportunity to showcase a Hawaiian sport in Hawaii waters.

One thing is for sure, Keali’i is certainly looking like a strong contender as we look ahead to the SUnset Beach Pro coming up next month as the prestigious Opener for the World Championship Tour. Keep it at www.watermanleague.com

FInal Standings:

  1. Keali’i Mamala
  2. Noa Ginella (Naish)
  3. Kainoa McGee
  4. Kai Lenny (Naish)
  5. Bullet Obra
  6. Tehotu Wong

Noa Ginella comes into his own, driving through a beautiful Pipe barrel to place 2nd

Noa Ginella (Naish) grew up here on the North Shore of Oahu and is one of the more laid back characters on the Stand Up World Tour, with an eye catching, fluid style and approach to his surfing. Pipeline proved to be the perfect canvas for Noa yesterday as he picked off a couple of great waves, inclusive of a high score of a 7.6 to take 2nd place in this prestigious exhibition.

A well deserved way for Noa to kick off his year, as he will not put his head down and focus on the upcoming World Tour Opener at Sunset Beach. Watch out for this young talent this year from Oahu’s fabled North Shore and check out the highlights from yesterday’s action by CLICKING HERE

Kainoa McGee once again stamps his authority out at Pipe opening the showcase

Kainoa McGee has long been one of the standout chargers at Pipeline, first as a pro bodyboarder, then Surfer, then Stand Up Paddlesurfer, as he continues to have a dominant presence out at the infamous Banzai Pipeline.

Straight out of the gates, Kainoa rolled in on a second reef Pipe wave, positioning himself perfectly to get barreled and posting the first score of the day of a 6.77. While he didn’t find another good one until after the heat, where he pulled into a long barrel to applause on the beach, Kainoa once again proved himself to be a major threat out at Pipeline.

Check out the highlights from the action by CLICKING HERE

An epic Day of Round 3 action at the Da Hui Backdoor Shootout decides the final 16

Stand out performances on Day 2 of action for the Da Hui Shootout in memory of Duke Kahanamoku saw inspired performances from Gavin Beschen, Luke Shepherdson, Makai Macnamara and Tom Dosland, as epic barrels were ridden and scores posted to decide the Final 16 athletes that will advance on to Rounds 4 & 5 of the Shootout.

The other major standout posting the highest score of the day was the on form Billy Kemper from Maui, posting another 9 to add to his already impressive scorecard for the shootout so far, making his presence felt this year out at the Banzai Pipeline.

All that remains now are Rounds 4 & 5, as two 16 man battles will go down to decide the athletes’ best 3 scores and determine not only the overall winner for the event, but the Team victory as well. Unlike previous years, the scores will start from scratch in Round 4, so it will all come down to the Final day of action set to kick off tomorrow morning at 8am.

Join us LIVE from Pipeline as we witness the culmination of this spectacular Da Hui Backdoor Shootout, a fitting celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Duke Kahanamoku Invitational.

So check out the highlights and watch all the action LIVE at www.watermanleague.com

Check out the standings on the Shootout Leaderboard after Round 3 of action

Press Contacts for the 2015 Da Hui Backdoor Shootout in memory of the Duke

For any press and media contact regarding this special Backdoor Shootout as the 50th Anniversary of the Duke Kahanamoku Invitational, please see contact details below:

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