Opening Day of Da Hui Backdoor Shootout sees Lenny, Perkins, Botha & Melvin Keawe victorious at Pipe


Kai Lenny reigns supreme at inaugural Da Hui Backdoor Shootout in tough conditions

History was made today at Pipeline in celebration of the 50th Anniversary Duke Kahanamoku Invitational, as the Da Hui Backdoor Shootout kicked off with a showcase of all forms of ‘wave sliding’, from the simplest form of bodysurfing right through to Stand Up Paddling, as Hawaii’s best stepped up to do battle at the infamous Banzai Pipeline.

Despite somewhat challenging conditions, with a slowly building swell and light onshore winds, the athletes stepped up to put on a show and put on a great first showcase for the sport at this prestigious location.

Stand outs in the early rounds of the Stand Up division were current World Champion Kai Lenny (Naish), Bullet Obra from the Big Island, Nolan Keaulana from Makaha, Keali’i Mamala from the Big Island and Ikaika Kalama (Rogue), also from the Big Island, as they searched for barrels and found sections to accrue the points they needed to advance. Despite not advancing, Noa Ginella (Naish) showed real commitment, pulling into a couple of heavy sections, making his presence felt and impressing the Judges.

In the final, Keali’i Mamala was active from the outset, but a couple of strong comeback waves secured Kai Lenny’s victory, and strong surges late in the heat by Kainoa McGee and Bullet Obra boosted them back into contention, to finish in 2nd and 3rd respectively.

While it wasn’t the ‘barrel fest’ we were hoping for today, the athletes put on a great show and were proud to be part of this surfing celebration in memory of the Duke at the iconic Banzai Pipeline. Check out the initial highlights by CLICKING HERE

FInal Standings:

  1. Kai Lenny (Naish)
  2. Kainoa McGee
  3. Bullet Obra
  4. Keali’i Mamala
  5. Ikaika Kalama (Rogue)
  6. Nolan Keaulana (Art in Surf)

Bonga Perkins puts on a clinic in Round 1 & secures victory at this prestigious event

Conditions started clean, as the longboard division took to the water to show their worth out at Pipeline. WIth numerous World Champions on the water at one time, it was a prestigious affair, with Bonga Perkins taking first blood, with Backdoor and Pipe barrels, not to mention a vertical hit to be reckoned with posting 16.67 to take the win.

Also standing out was Kekoa Uemura, charging hard and finding a couple of solid barrels to make it through to the Finals. Other standouts in the first round were Kai Sallas and Makamae DeSoto, both making it through and putting it all on the line.

In the Finals, conditions had deteriorated, making it even harder to find scoring potential with plenty of consequence at stake at Pipeline when things went wrong. Somehow, Bonga once again was able to find a Pipe barrel to secure an 8 point ride and backed it up with enough to take the win here today.

Meanwhile a special mention for 2nd place finisher Makamae DeSoto, brother of previous World Champion Duane DeSoto, who charged the entire event and lost some skin from his hand in the Final to the sharp Pipe reef. Kekoa Uemura was able to secure 3rd in this prestigious affair.

Check out the initial highlights by CLICKING HERE

Final Standings (Longboard)

  1. Bonga Perkins
  2. Makamae DeSoto
  3. Kekoa Uemura
  4. Dino Miranda
  5. Lance Ho’okano
  6. Kai Sallas

Andre Botha scores a perfect 10 at Backdoor to take the bodyboarding win

A solid field of World Class Bodyboarders stepped up to do battle today at Pipeline as a part of this unique and prestigious event, with building swell and light and variable winds.

Having already secured a 9.17 on one of his opening waves, Andre Botha took it a step further during the closing moments of the heat, pulling into one of the best Backdoor waves of the day, only to come out and get inverted into the closing section to secure a unanimous 10 point ride.

With Botha now untouchable, it was a battle for 2nd and 3rd, with Trevor Kam just getting the edge of Jacob Vandervolde in what was a great showcase of bodyboarding at Pipeline.

Check out the highlights from today’s action by CLICKING HERE

Final Standings: (Bodyboard)

  1. Andre Botha
  2. Trevor Kam
  3. Jacob Vandervolde
  4. Spencer Skipper
  5. Alistair Taylor
  6. Seabass Perez

Melvin Keawe takes the bodysurfing win amidst incredibly stiff competition

As perhaps the most pure of the surfing disciplines, Pipeline is without doubt one of the premier showcases for the sport in the world, as a core crew gathered for what was an impressive showdown.

Melvin Keawe was on fine form, securing the well deserved win with some solid rides, followed by Rick Thomas in 2nd and Steve Kapela in 3rd.

It only seemed appropriate that bodysurfing should kick off this 50th Anniversary edition of the Duke Kahanamoku Invitational, given the Duke’s fame as a swimming Olympian and surfer, and the selected athletes came in the spirit of the event, enjoying the moment with just a few friends at the Banzai Pipeline.

Check out the highlights from today’s action by CLICKING HERE

Final Standings: (Bodysurfing)

  1. Melvin Keawe
  2. Rick Thomas
  3. Steve Kapela
  4. Sean Enoka
  5. Kai Santos
  6. Larry Russo

Join us tomorrow for the traditional shortboard Team event to go LIVE at 8am

With a great forecast for tomorrow promising a solid WNW swell and light southerly winds, the shortboard team shootout is set to kick off at 8am, as Pipeline will turn on to become the sporting amphitheater that it has become famous for.

We will be going LIVE at 7:50am for a full day of action as the Teams prepare to do battle at the infamous Banzai Pipeline. Join us LIVE at &

Press Contacts for the 2015 Da Hui Backdoor Shootout in memory of the Duke

For any press and media contact regarding this special Backdoor Shootout as the 50th Anniversary of the Duke Kahanamoku Invitational, please see contact details below:

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