to broadcast Da Hui Shootout LIVE from Monday featuring Shortboard, longboard, SUP & Bodysurf


30 of Pipeline’s most respected Surfers will step up to do battle at the 2016 Da Hui Shootout in Memory of Duke Kahanamoku

With the coming of the New Year, we see the return of the Da Hui Shootout in Memory of Duke Kahanamoku. Now in its 20th year, Pipeline is set to deliver in what is a holding period that is stacked with back to back WNW swells. With 30 of the most respected Pipeline Surfers in the unique format featuring up to 6 rounds of non elimination competition, where the absolute best waves will decide who is the 2016 Shootout Champion, a prestigious title indeed.

There is no doubt that the likes of Jamie O’Brien, Mason Ho and Bruce Irons are going to be some of the leading contenders, but the depth of local talent is astonishing, mixed with a few mainland and international stars such as Bobby Martinez, Dean Morrison and Jay Davies.

The Teams represented in this year’s Shootout are as follows:

  1. Hurley
  2. Quiksilver
  3. Da Hui Wax Team 1
  4. Volcom
  5. Da Hui Wax Team 2
  6. RVCA
  7. North Shore Surf Shop

The whole event will be broadcast LIVE at with a holding period that kicks off this coming Monday 4th January and runs until the 16th – join us for an unforgettable ride!

Prestigious SUP Invitational to provide a dynamic showcase at Pipe

10 Hawaii born athletes have been selected to take part in the prestigious SUP Invitational to take place at Pipeline as a part of the 2016 Shootout in Memory of Duke Kahanamoku. With a dramatic forecast in place, the performance level promises to be mindblowing, with Keali’i Mamala stepping up to defend his Title, while 4x World Champion Kai Lenny (Naish) will be looking for redemption, having won the initial showcase last year.

Other names to watch out for are the young Mo Freitas (Focus SUP) from Haleiwa, but also Zane Schweitzer (Starboard) from Maui and not forgetting the rising star from the Big Island who took the world by storm last year, Bullet Obra and of course other North Shore standout Noa Ginella (Naish). Here are the 10 athletes selected, with Tehotu Wong serving as an alternate:

  1. Kainoa McGee (Oahu)
  2. Nolan Keaulana (Oahu) – Art in Surf
  3. Noa Ginella (Oahu) – Naish
  4. Mo Freitas (Oahu) – Focus SUP
  5. Robin Johnston (Oahu) – Coreban
  6. Kai Lenny (Maui) – Naish
  7. Zane Schweitzer (Maui) – Starboard
  8. Keali’i Mamala (Big Island)
  9. Ikaika Kalama (Big Island) – Rogue
  10. Bullet Obra (Big Island)

Make sure to join us LIVE at

Performance long boarding to be showcased at the Pipeline

We will see the return of some of the World’s most respected Longboarders for a unique showcase at the infamous Pipeline here on Oahu’s fabled North Shore. Last year we saw Bonga Perkins take the honors amidst a world class field, as this year, a prestigious list of 6 longboarders that represent a small selection of Hawaii’s vast crop of talent will step up to do battle at Pipeline. Please note that the alternates for this event will be Ned Snow and Keegan Edwards.

  1. Bonga Perkins
  2. Duane DeSoto
  3. Makamai DeSoto
  4. Kai Sallas
  5. Zane Aikau
  6. Dino Miranda

Make sure to join us LIVE for all the action at with the holding period kicking off this coming Monday

Surfing in it purest form to receive acclaim at this year’s Shootout

Bodysurfing is without doubt the most pure and simple form of surfing, and it will once again be celebrated here at the 2016 Shootout fittingly in Memory of Duke Kahanamoku, an Olympic swimmer and one of Hawaii’s greatest ever athletes.

A select group of 5 athletes will swim out at Pipeline in search of the best barrel completing a comprehensive showcase of Ocean Sports at this year’s Shootout. Make sure to watch all the action go down at Pipeline LIVE from Monday 4th January onwards at

Best wishes from the Waterman League for an action packed 2016

All that remains to be said from all of us here at the Waterman League, is our very best wishes for a prosperous and happy New Year. 2016 will be an exciting time for all things Waterman League, as we take the League and all of its events and media into a whole new era.

Stay tuned for major announcements coming in early January and for all the news and build up to the Hawaiian Open of Ocean Sports featuring the Sunset Beach Pro, Turtle Bay Pro, Waterman Invitational and the Na Kama Kai Youth Challenge. For this and much more join us at

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