Sunset Beach Pro & Turtle Bay Women’s Pro to kick of next week


Thursday 31 January

2013 Stand Up World Tour Season to kick off at Sunset

Next week will see the return to the iconic Sunset Beach on the North Shore of Oahu for the dramatic opener to the 2013 Stand Up World Tour season.

Since its first year in 2010, the Sunset Beach Pro has seen dramatic conditions and spectacular showdowns each and every year, and 2013 promises to be no different: the long range forecast shows a very active swell window as the World’s best start to congregate on Oahu’s North Shore and the tension mounts…


Tune in to see the world’s premier athletes at Sunset Beach

The event will be broadcast live at, so make sure that you tune in to watch the world’s best battle it out at one of the world’s most infamous surf spots.

This year’s entries will see the world’s leading athletes, from current World Champion Leco Salazar from Brazil, World #2 Sean Poynter (Starboard) from the US and Maui’s Kai Lenny (Naish) to the local and ever dangerous talent such as last year’s Sunset Beach Pro Champion Bonga Perkins, Ikaika Kalama (Rogue) and Aaron Napoleon (Rogue).

Also to watch out for is the powerful Basque surfer Peyo Lizarazu, who hasn’t missed a final yet here at Sunset, Oahu’s Robin Johnston (Mistral), 2nd place finisher in 2011 and Sunset Beach resident and Oahu’s very own Kamaki Worthington, who has been a stand out each year here at the Sunset Beach Pro.

However, it is also important to note the exciting new talent that is emerging from all over the world, including Peru, Japan, Denmark and Australia, not to mention Brazil, South Africa, Tahiti and Italy: as the sport and the World Tour develops, the global impact and reach increase providing a true testament to the global nature of the sport.


Egan, O’Brien, Sterling, Mitchell and Rothman will attend

As the sport and the Stand Up World Tour has developed and grown into the dynamic show that it is, an increasing amount of athletes from across the complete spectrum of Ocean Sports are taking to the sport both as another way to enjoy the ocean, but also competitively. Last year we saw a solid showing from Makua Rothman who made his way through the Trials and into the Main event, not to mention Jamie O’Brien who put on a good show in the inside bowl at Sunset in 2012.

For 2013, we will once again see Jamie and Makua back at Sunset, but they will be joined by renowned surfing great Luke Egan from Australia who has been looking to compete on Tour for several years now, and can finally pull the trigger for this first event of the 2013 season.

From the ‘big wave crew’ we will see renowned charger Grant ‘Twiggy’ Baker (Coreban) from South Africa taking part along with Jamie Sterling from Oahu and Jamie Mitchell from Australia, who is not such an unusual suspect for the Stand Up Paddle world, but also belongs to this big wave surfing fraternity.

That leads naturally to the likes of Kala Alexander who put his mark on the event with the biggest wave ridden in competition at the Sunset Beach Pro in 2010, while it is rumored that more of the North Shore powerhouse of Surfing talent will be taking a paddle in hand to do battle at the 2013 Sunset Beach Pro. Make sure to tune in live at as history is once again made.


Youth talent continues to explode on the World Tour

Since the World Tour’s inception back in 2009, we have been committed in conjunction with our partner Na Kama Kai, led by Ocean Sports legend Duane DeSoto, to supporting the development of youth participation in the sport of Stand Up Paddling.

What we have witnessed has been nothing short of astonishing, kicked off by Kai Lenny (Naish) coming onto the scene at just 17 years old to capture the first World Championship Title, to the rest of the Maui crew such as Zane Schweitzer (Starboard), Kody Kerbox (Naish) and Connor Baxter (Starboard) to mention just a few, bursting onto the scene to make their presence felt.

The Na Kama Kai Youth Challenge then continued to nurture the youth, with proven international athletes such as Benoit Carpentier (Naish), now ranked 7th overall in the world at just 16 years old, Poenaiki Raioha (Naish) finishing in 2nd place in Tahiti last year at just 15 years old and then Mo Freitas (Body Glove / Focus), who stunned the world by winning the Ubatuba Pro presented by Art in Surf at just 15 years old.

Other Na Kama Kai and Sunset Beach Pro athletes to look out for at this year’s event are Noah Yap and Bernd Roedigger from Maui, Riggs Napoleon (Rogue) from Oahu and Tucker Ingalls (Naish) from California, not to mention a whole host of other international athletes including kids from Puerto Rico, France, the US and beyond.

Remember to tune into the Na Kama Kai Youth Challenge that will come to you live from Turtle Bay on Wednesday 6th February at


Waterman League launches Women’s Stand World Tour

Turtle Bay, the Waterman League Headquarters once again opens its arms to the Stand Up World Tour by hosting the all new Turtle Bay Women’s Pro, stop one of the inaugural Women’s Stand Up World Tour for 2013.

With women coming in from Europe, South America, Australia, the US mainland, the outer Hawaiian Islands and beyond, you can expect some dramatic competition from the women’s fleet here at Turtle Bay.

Already confirmed is Candice Appleby from San Clemente, Vanina Walsh (Starboard) from Oahu, Nicole Pacelli and Aline Adisaka from Brazil, Mariko Strickland from Kauai, Heather Wilcox from the mainland and many more, so make sure to tune in and watch the action live as it unfolds right here at


Morning Shows to begin Wednesday 6th February at 8am

Beyond all the competitive action in store at Turtle Bay and Sunset, make sure to tune in live to the Starboard morning Show with Zane Schweitzer live from Surfer the Bar. He will be previewing the event, introducing the characters, and providing more color to the event as a whole in a way that only he can, so make sure to tune in live each morning to from 7.45am each day (8am on the 6th February).


Social schedule brought to you by Pacifico Beer and Malibu

Surfer the Bar in Turtle Bay will serve as the homebase for the Stand Up World Tour during the Sunset Beach Pro, as both Pacifico Beer and Malibu Rum welcome you to enjoy the show and take advantage of the social events linked into the Sunset Beach Pro in 2013.

From the Opening Event and Awards on the 6th February from 6pm, to Live Music by the legend Mel Pu’u, Karaoke nights, a closing party to end the event in style and so much more, Surfer the Bar is your one essential stop here on the North Shore to take in this unique event in all its glory beyond the action on the water.

We look forward to seeing you there: check out, and stay tuned to / for any impromptu social gatherings and events.


Stay tuned to

So make sure to stay tuned to and for detailed schedules, the latest news, photos, highlights and more from Stop 1 of the 2013 Stand up World Tour taking place in the birthplace of the sport, right here in Hawaii. Here is the main schedule of events, brought to you by Amp Energy:

Wednesday 6th February:

  • Morning Show: 8am
  • Registration for Youth & Women at Hang Ten Pool Bar: 8.30am – 9:30am
  • First possible start: 10am
  • Registration for Men’s Trials / Main Event: 5.30pm at Surfer the Bar
  • Opening event and Awards at Surfer the Bar: from 6pm

Thursday 7th – 15th February


A big Mahalo to our sponsors of the 2013 Sunset Beach Pro


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