The Magallanes Paddle Challenge, Chile will kick off the 2013 World Series


Monday 4 February

The Magallanes Paddle Challenge provides dramatic open

The Aragas Magallanes Paddle Challenge presented by Stand Up Latino and powered by Big Foot Adventures Patagonia will provide the most spectacular opener imaginable for the 2013 Stand Up World Series. The area of Patagonia where the event will take place has long been known as a paradise for hiking and nature lovers, amidst the imposing glaciers and unique waterways that make it one of the most striking destinations in the world.

As a testament to just how broadreaching the sport of Stand Up Paddling is and led by the driving forces behind its growth in Chile, Philip Muller (Editor in Chief and co-founder of Stand Up Latino - – Spanish speakers leading online sup site) and Arnaud Frennet (Co-founder of Stand Up Latino and current SUP National Racing Champion – Naish), the goal of this groundbreaking event is to invite world class competition set to one of the most striking backdrops in the world. You might well have seen some imagery from Arnaud and Philip’s visit to Patagonia last year, as they caught the global media’s attention with this unique and alluring destination: check out a look back at this adventure by clicking here

Beyond the stunning scenery and elaborate adventure the visiting athletes will experience at this event, the area provides highly competitive long distance and World Series Sprint racing courses that will challenge the world’s best and provide a fitting opener to the 2013 World Series. Furthermore, with a $20,000 prize purse up for grabs, this promises to be a lucrative and prestigious stop for the lucky Champions. The event will run from the 14th – 17th March.

The Magallanes Paddle Challenge will be stop 1 of the World Series, but also of its South American leg, with stop 2 being the Ubatuba Pro in Brazil, on the 13th – 14th April. Stay tuned for more details of this exciting South American adventure.


Big Foot Adventures Patagonia to support all logistics

While it sounds like a logistically complicated event to get to, this is far from the case thanks to the support of Big Foot Adventures Patagonia, who will support all logistical elements for the event: from picking up athletes from the airport to transferring them and their boards up to the destinations and throughout the whole adventure, Adventure Patagonia will ensure that the athletes experience in Chile will be entirely stress free, from start to finish. Big Foot Adventures Patagonia are the leading company in adventure travel trips to the area, with over 20 years of experience. You can find out more about them by clicking here

Athletes, companions and spectators will stay in luxury up in the Andes, at the Remota Hotel: set in one of the most magical locations in this part of the world, the Remota Hotel will provide the perfect backdrop to the racing and a unique experience for all concerned. It should also be noted that it has received global acclaim for its unique architectural charateristics, adding to the uniquness of the destination. You can find out more about the Remota Hotel by clicking here.

Athletes will be provided with a vastly subsidized and all inclusive package and should email for more information and registration. We are also still working on a board carriage deal with the major carrier and will confirm this asap to ensure a hassle free visit to this amazing location.


The schedule for the Aragas Magallanes Paddle Challenge

Here is a breakdown of the schedule for the 2013 Magallanes Paddle Challenge:

14th March:

  • Recommended arrival time in Santiago early on the 14th, to connect by plane to Punta Arenas: from here athletes will be taken into the care of Big Foot Adventures
  • Transfer by van to Lago Grey, then boat to Big Foot Base Camp
  • 1st night at Lodge Grey (luxury Lodge), for dinner, competitors meeting and a good night’s sleep

15th March:

  • Morning breakfast and preparations
  • Morning Glacie expedition for people not participating in race
  • 1pm: Long Distance Race
  • 4pm: Transfer to Remota Hotel
  • Dinner and athlete’s meeting for the sprint racing the next day
  • Night at Remota Hotel

16th March:

  • World Series Sprint Racing on Canal Senort
  • Awards Ceremony in front of Obra del Viento
  • Night at Remota Hotel and cultural event: typical Patagonian Lamb Barbeque and Farwell Dinner

17th March:

  • Transfers from Hotel to airport
  • Flights out

Please note that any athletes / companions wishing to stay and explore further, the organization is able to offer more subsidized packages for the days that follow the event. Again, email with any questions and for entry information.


Stand Up World Series consolidates on its global presence

The Stand Up World Series consolidates on its global presence in 2013 with the creation of distinct regional legs within the complete World Series in major global hotspots.

South America:

  • Aragas Magallanes Paddle Challenge, Chile: 14th – 17th March
  • Ubatuba Pro Grand Slam, Brazil: 13th – 14th April (Stand Up World Series) / 16th – 21st (Stand Up World Tour)


  • Oleron Paddle Challenge, France: 7th – 9th June
  • Germany Paddle Challenge: 15th – 16th June
  • Spain Paddle Challenge: 20th – 23rd June


  • Maui Paddle Challenge: 21st – 22nd July
  • Chicago Paddle Challenge: 24th – 25th August
  • So. Cal Grand Slam, California: 21st – 23rd September (Stand Up World Series) / 17th – 22nd September (Stand Up World Tour)


  • China Paddle Challenge: 6th – 8th September: TBC

Stand Up World Series Finals:

  • Turtle Bay, Oahu: 11th – 13th October


World Title Race to intensify in 2013 with improved format

While we hope to see as many athletes as possible across all World Series events, athletes’ overall result from the year will derive from his/her best 3 results from across the Series, plus the Final at Turtle Bay.

Unlike last year, the athletes’ best 3 results will make up 70% of the overall points towards the Title, with the Finals making up 30%, providing slightly more weight for the Finals, but ensuring that each and every stop on the World Series will be vital for overall ranking scenarios.

The other objective of the 3 event rule is to ensure maximum regional participation from each of the global hot spots to ensure the continued promotion and development of the sport on a global scale.


Tune in live to Stop 1 of the Stand Up World surfing Tour

In the meantime, make sure to tune into the live web broadcast from Stop 1 of the Stand Up World Tour from Sunset Beach, Hawaii, not to mention Stop 1 of the all new Women’s World Tour from Turtle Bay Resort on Oahu’s Fabled North Shore.

It all starts this coming Wednesday 6th February at Turtle Bay with the Na Kama Kai Youth event and the start of the Turtle Bay Women’s Pro. Watch it all live at

As the forecast stands right now, we are looking at good surf through the 6/7th where we will most likely run the Na Kama Ka Youth and Women’s event, with a new swell filling in on the 8th for the start of the Trials at Sunset and Main Event through the weekend. Stay tuned to the site, but also for live updates from the event and details on event running.


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