Da Hui Backdoor Shootout in memory of Duke Kahanamoku to feature Shortboard, SUP, Longboard, bodysurfing & bodyboard


Da Hui Backdoor Shootout celebrates the 50th Anniversary of the Duke Invitiational

2015 represents a special year for the North Shore of Oahu, as the longstanding Da Hui Backdoor Shootout celebrates the 50th Aniversary of the original Duke Kahanamoku Invitational event, this year to be held at the infamous Pipeline.

The event will still maintain the Team format that the Shootout has become famous for, but brings back the prestige of the enigmatic Duke Invitational by inviting Hawaii’s leading and most respected Waterman for the ultimate showcase of diverse surfing prowess at the North Shore’s most legendary wave.

WIth a series of swells lining up to hit Oahu’s North Shore, action is scheduled to kick off this Wednesday morning the 7th January at 8am HST and all the action will be brought to you LIVE by the Waterman League and be simulcast across strategic partners in the US, Europe, Australia and Brazil.

Make sure to watch history go down this week at this groundbreaking event – stay tuned to watermanleague.com & www.dahuishootout.com for the LIVE action and updates from this unique event.

Star studded Industry Teams assembled for the shortboard Shootout

The line up for this year’s shootout is once again star studded, with major industry members putting forward their leading Hawaii surfers:

  1. Hurley
  2. Quiksilver
  3. Volcom
  4. RVCA
  5. NS Surf Shop
  6. Da Hui Wax
  7. Red Bull
  8. Fox

The Shootout format has long been an athletes’ favorite, providing them with the maximum water time and real opportunity to prove themselves at what has become surfing’s ultimate proving grounds.

Make sure to tune into watch the action all go down live at www.dahuishootout.com or www.watermanleague.com

Stand Up Paddling to be showcased at Pipeline featuring Hawaii’s leading figures

The Waterman League is proud to work with this prestigious event to bring Hawaii’s leading Stand Up Paddle athletes to Hawaii’s most iconic wave: Pipeline.

10 unique athletes have been chosen based on their ability to step up and take on the infamous Pipeline, but also as a result of their stature in islands and the celebration of Hawaiian surfing that this event provides.

Here are the 10 invited athletes:

  1. Ikaika Kalama (Big Island)
  2. Kai Lenny (Maui)
  3. Kainoa McGee (Oahu)
  4. Kolaiah Jardine (Big Island)
  5. Keali’i Mamala (Big Island)
  6. Ekolu Kalama (Moloka’i)
  7. Nolan Keaulana (Oahu)
  8. Mo Freitas (Oahu)
  9. Tehotu Wong (Tahiti)
  10. Bullet Obra (Big Island)

Make sure to tune in for this historic event that looks as though it will kick off on Wednesday morning at watermanleague.com

Longboarding to be showcased featuring the legends of the sport in Hawaii

Like Stand Up Paddling, longboarding is to be showcased in this unique event, bringing Hawaii’s leading longboarders to the plate to do battle out at Pipeline.

Once again, 10 athletes have been chosen, as the extent of Hawaii’s rich surfing talent is brought to life in this unique event. Here are the 10 surfers:

  1. Bonga Perkins
  2. Kai Sallas
  3. DIno Miranda
  4. Makamae DeSoto
  5. Keone Keaulana
  6. Lance Ho’okano
  7. Andrew Logreco
  8. Keegan Edwards
  9. Kekoa Uemura
  10. Leleo Kinimaka

Make sure to tune in for the action LIVE from Pipeline starting this wednesday 7th January.

Event is rounded off with a bodysurfing and bodyboarding for this multi sport event

The final 2 disciplines of bodysurfing and bodyboarding complete the Ocean Sports celebration at Pipeline this week, in memory of Duke Kahanamoku, as the World’s best will step up to do battle at one of Ocean Sports most documented arenas.

So make sure to join us for an unforgettable week of action here on Oahu’s North Shore as Pipeline will once again come to life to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Duke Kahanamoku Invitational with the Da Hui Backdoor Shootout.

The first call will be tomorrow morning at 7:30am HST, so stay tuned to www.dahuishootout.com & watermanleague.com

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