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Surfer paddles with Pele

Looks surprisingly similar to the article on Reid Inouye and Leleo Kinmaka a while back…

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C.J. Kanuha brings cultural respect to his ride near the lava

By Rod Thompson

HILO » When professional Big Island surfer C.J. Kanuha paddled within a few yards of lava flowing into the ocean on the island’s southeastern coast, he did it with culturally appropriate respect, he says.

Kanuha, 24, from Kailua-Kona, does not think anyone should try to copy the feat. “No, I would not recommend it,” he said. Continue reading ‘Surfer paddles with Pele’

Quiksilver Edition Molokai Challenge

Quiksilveredition Logo


SUP Division Presented by C4 Waterman

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New Takayama Fins

Donald Takayama 4” side fins and 8” middle pivot fin

In an interview I did with Donald Takayama he mentioned some state of the art radical new fin designs. I asked when they will be available and he wasn’t sure so I called up Steve over at Surftech and he had some that I demo’d. They are so different that I didn’t even know which side was forward.

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Tandem Stand Up Paddle Surf Video


Here’s a cool video courtesy of Heath Thompson from Waterlogged Video Productions. Check them out at and give Heath a call at 808-292-9185 if you’re interested in hiring him to shoot your video.

This was shot on a day that my 5 year old son was off from school and I took him to Puena Point on the North Shore of Oahu to stand up paddle surf with me.

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Jimmy Lewis Distance Stand Up Paddle Board

I finally got a chance to try the Jimmy Lewis 12′6″ stand up board on a downwind run. It was actually by chance. My buddy Kekoa and I took out the C4 Waterman Vortice 14′ and Holoholo 12′ from Wailupe to Kaimana Beach. The wind was perfect side shore and aligned nicely with the swells. Once we came to Black Point I noticed out of the corner of my eye some stand up paddlers way out on the horizon. They were blazing.

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A Work of Art – Kinimaka Ku Iluna Paddle

Kinimaka Ku Iluna Paddle

I just got my hands on a special hand made Leleo Kinimaka wood paddle. I know all the guys that appreciate working with wood are going to love the pictures of this one. This paddle is so nice that I may just hang it on the wall instead of put it in the water. I also learned an interesting aspect to Leleo’s warranty. He said that in the first year if you get scuff marks on the paddle he will refinish it for free.

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