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VersaTraction Deck Grip


I initially heard about VersaTraction from Kainoa Beaupre a few months ago and he was raving about how this peel and stick traction for surfboards was going to replace wax, etc.  I didn’t think about it again until talking with Curtis Miyashiro who explained to me how it actually worked and how good it was.  He showed it to me on his new Firewire board and I decided to try it on the nose portion of my new SUP’s.  I have to say, I am impressed. Continue reading ‘VersaTraction Deck Grip’

Gerry Lopez’s ultimate SUP quiver now available in stores

Santa Cruz, Ca. (August 10, 2009) – “Surfing is a deeply wonderful thing – anytime, anywhere and any way” – Gerry Lopez from his book “Surf is where you find it”.


Gerry’s deep relationship with the water is exceedingly evident in the smooth lines and subtle curves of each of his three new Surftech stand up paddleboards. “The 9’6” & 10’ Surf Music boards were designed specifically with wave riding in mind. Many SUP shapes lean more toward the paddling side but I have taken the liberty of assuming the customer has already learned his paddling/balance skills and is looking to maximize his surfing performance.” Said Gerry. “The 8’11” Lil Darlin’ is basically a scaled down version of the Surf Music series but with a quad fin set-up. I have found the quad fins to work very well in wave riding … looser, faster and just as positive.” Continue reading ‘Gerry Lopez’s ultimate SUP quiver now available in stores’

5th Annual North Shore Beach Clean Up


Aloha Everyone!

Just wanted to send out a ‘heads up’ on our upcoming 5th Annual Da Hui/Wolfpak North Shore Beach Clean Up scheduled for Saturday, November 7, 2009 at Velzyland Park. Every year our event, which is the State’s largest beach clean up, attracts hundreds of participants from all over eager to participate and assist with keeping our ‘aina & beaches clean. Recently, the City & County of Honolulu City Council and the State Governor’s Office has recognized our efforts and were awarded certificates of commendation, which were extremely proud of. Continue reading ‘5th Annual North Shore Beach Clean Up’

Todd Bradley Teaches Proper Paddle Technique #2 – Video


Here is Todd Bradley of C4 Waterman on his second installment of the paddle technique video series. Continue reading ‘Todd Bradley Teaches Proper Paddle Technique #2 – Video’

2009 Starboard Element 9′8″ SUP


I recently got a Starboard 9′8″ x 30″ Element SUP and have been enjoying it in the early south shore swells.  At first, I was a bit surprised to see the center fin.  It has a lot more rake than the other center fins I’ve been using.  This board was designed by Svein Rasmussen and Scott McKercher. Continue reading ‘2009 Starboard Element 9′8″ SUP’

Todd Bradley Teaches Proper Paddle Technique – Video


I’ve had a few breakthroughs in the past month or so by talking with a few experts on paddle technique and downwind racing tips.  One of the experts is Todd Bradley who has over 40 years of competitive paddling experience.  He’s done dozens of Molokai (32 miles) to Oahu crossings in SUP, OC-1, OC-6, paddleboard, etc and has a long history of winning and training winners like Karel Tresnak Jr.  The whole conversation started after we saw a low res video of Todd teaching the paddle stroke to Chip Bock on what looked like a sidewalk on the edge of a body of water. Continue reading ‘Todd Bradley Teaches Proper Paddle Technique – Video’

Insight from Connor Baxter’s Mom on the Youngest SUP Surfer to Make History on the 2009 Molokai-Oahu Race

From a mother’s viewpoint, Karen Baxter, proud mother of Starboard team rider, Connor Baxter, shares her piece on her son’s latest achievement on the Molokai-Oahu Paddleboard race.

baxter-bids-for-history Connor lands newspaper sport page

I wanted to let you know how it felt from a mother’s viewpoint – as well as someone who has been active in water sports.

Connor did it. He completed the 32 Mile Molokai to Oahu race – and created history. The youngest to ever compete and complete this event on any type of watercraft – Solo. His time was 6 hours and 56 minutes. His goal before the event was – first to complete it. And secondly – in 7 hours. Well he did both – and more.

He placed 1st in the 29 and under Age Division!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Continue reading ‘Insight from Connor Baxter’s Mom on the Youngest SUP Surfer to Make History on the 2009 Molokai-Oahu Race’

Connor Baxter, Recounts His Winning Paddle at the Ka’iwi Channel Crossing

Here is the race recap of Starboard team rider, Connor Baxter’s winning paddle at the Molokai-Oahu Paddleboard race. Let’s hear it straight from the winner of the Stand-Up Unl M 1 – 29 age group division.

conner-by-erik-aeder105 Starting to paddle

When I first started the race all that went through my mind was – this was going to be a long, grueling day. My strategy was to follow Ekolu as long as I could. Which incidentally ended up not being very long. He took off immediately and left all of us behind. So now, my goal was to stay with the pack. About 10-15 minutes into the race, all the boats started looking for their “paddler” and boats started going every which way. They were going in front of me, behind, on the side – and their wakes created so much turbulence it was hard to stay on the board. Luckily I didn’t fall, but a lot of other people were falling left and right from the boat wakes, which allowed me to pass them and move to the front.
Continue reading ‘Connor Baxter, Recounts His Winning Paddle at the Ka’iwi Channel Crossing’

2009 Outdoor Retailer Boardworks Weber River Run


Boardworks Surf and C4 Waterman make a big Splash at Outdoor Retailer

To begin it’s third show at Outdoor Retailer, Boardworks/C4 hosted its’ First Annual Weber River Run on stand up paddleboards. Guests included many retailers from around the country, representatives from various publications including Canoe & Kayak and Adventures NW. Brian Keaulana of C4 hosted a few Hawaiian celebrities, Lanai Tabura, (Hawaiian radio personality on Island 98.5), and Malika Dudley, (former Miss Hawaii and sunrise weather anchor on Hawaii’s KGMB9). Continue reading ‘2009 Outdoor Retailer Boardworks Weber River Run’

Tropical Blends Welo 9′6″ SUP Board


Tropical Blends 9′6″ x 30″ Welo is one of the best surfing SUP’s I’ve tried so far this year. The first time I tried it was when Tony Myers was riding his Welo at Old Man’s and having a blast.  We switched boards for a bit and I got to test it in head high surf.  I was initially playing around with a new 15′ flat water board so it took a while to get my balance back but when I caught a wave I was surprised at how stable the board was and how well it turned.  It also seemed to keep its speed in the turn really well.  At that point, I decided to get one for myself. Continue reading ‘Tropical Blends Welo 9′6″ SUP Board’

2009 Molokai Race Update from Zane Schweitzer

From Starboard’s winning team, waterkid Zane Schweitzer shares his Rainbow Sandals Molokai-Oahu Paddleboard race experience.

It was such a cool event too, there were over 135 teams and competitors. Next year you should try to come out for it, you would love it!!!

zane-schweitzer-on-molokai-oahu-race-06 The start

zane-schweitzer-on-molokai-oahu-race-04 Zane catching a wind swell

Continue reading ‘2009 Molokai Race Update from Zane Schweitzer’

Surftech team riders Jamie Mitchell and Kanesa Duncan win Rainbow Sandals Molokai to Oahu Paddleboard Race

Oahu, Hi. (July 31, 2009) – Surftech team rider Jamie Mitchell (Gold Coast, Australia) is far more than simply the worlds fastest paddler. He’s a surfer who has proven himself in the big wave arena by charging massive surf in Australia, Hawaii, Mexico, and California on both his surfboards and stand up paddleboards. Last weekend in extremely challenging seas, Jamie won the 32-mile Molokai to Oahu Paddleboard race for the 8th straight time, with his closest competitor, Hawaii’s Brian Rocheleau, more than 20 minutes behind. “The first two-thirds (of the course) was pretty good — I could feel the current from the start,” Mitchell said. “But then that last third, it took forever to get close … it was tough. Probably the toughest race of the last three or four years.”

surftech-team-dominates-molokai-to-oahu-paddleboard-race-02 Jamie Mitchell

Continue reading ‘Surftech team riders Jamie Mitchell and Kanesa Duncan win Rainbow Sandals Molokai to Oahu Paddleboard Race’