Local celebrities to take on paddleboard race


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By Jason Tang

Matt PattersonJimmy Keaulana
Matt PattersonJimmy Keaulana

MOLOKAI CHANNEL (KHNL) – 180 paddleboarders will take on the always treacherous Molokai Channel in the Quicksilver Paddleboard race this Sunday.

And while most of them are racing to win, some will be doing it for fun. For the first time ever, there will be four, four-person celebrity relay teams, including our own Stephanie Lum.

Their names and faces are familiar.

But while some are experienced watermen, others like Steph, Lanai, James and Matt, they’re competing in stand up paddling for the very first time.

“Here we are doing our last training of the race.”

“There’s a lot of money on the line,” said Lanai with Team C4/5.  “No, I’m just kidding. It’s more like a personal challenge, it is the first time I’m doing the channel. I’ve only seen it from the plane.”

Though the celebrity teams are racing for fun, the channel is still a very real challenge.

“Any waterman that knows the channel, it’s the pinnacle, the mount everest of water sports,” said Brian Keaulana with Team C4/5.

And these first timers are taking it head on.

As they look to conquer the channel, and their fears.

“I’ve always had this fear of water, this fear of drowning, I still do, but I feel more relaxed.”

Relaxed and ready to have a good time.

“One more practice, one more practice, than the big show,” said Matt Patterson with Team Moi Pia Kai.  “I’m just looking for the friendship and the comrade with everyone else, and then the grand finally, the paddle home.”

Winning or losing doesn’t matter to these teams, they just want to finish the race and have a lot of fun.

“We’re the winning team right, and if we’re not winning, we’re having fun! woohoo! go Moi-Pia-Kai. Yeahhhhh!”

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