Surftech to hold one of a kind Women’s stand up paddle/surf challenge



Surftech is holding their inaugural Women’s SUP challenge this weekend in conjunction with the 2008 ROXY Jam Cardiff. The event takes a unique approach to the sport of SUP and will offer fun for both competitors and spectators alike. “Open to competitors, general surfers and stand up paddle surfers”, Comments Sander Nauenberg, Marketing Manager at Surftech “the challenge is meant to be a fun, team focused relay that showcases the versatility of both the sport and the respective surfers approaches.”

The event, a first of its kind, puts 12 teams of 3 women competing in a relay/surf heat. Each team member will be responsible for paddling out past the break, rounding a buoy and catching a wave before trading their board to a waiting team member. Already, the limited number of team slots have began to fill up as teams from event sponsor ROXY have joined other women partaking in the contest in putting together 3 person teams. “I am stoked to have international competitors from the ROXY Jam take part,” challenges Ty Zulim, Surftech’s National Sales Manager, “But, I am hoping some locals will give them a run for their money!”

The Challenge is slated to be held at 1:00 P.M. Sunday September 21st, just prior to the Women’s pro finals. In addition to the event, Surftech will offer competitors and spectators alike the opportunity to test drive various longboards and SUP’s throughout the weekend. To be involved in the event or to demo a board, come by the Surftech tent at the festival Friday-Sunday. To learn more about the challenge or to sign up a team go to

Surftech Women's SUP Challenge

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