Todd Bradley Unveils the New C4 Waterman XPR Racing SUP Paddle



I’ve been using the prototype XPR racing stand up paddle for the past few months but had to keep it hush hush until now. I first took it out in a great south shore swell at Publics and fell in love with it. It felt like I got 10 to 20% more power than the C4 Pohaku 8.5″ without the extra strain that normally brings. It’s really smooth with the entry and exit and is very light. Todd can explain the fine points way better than I can so check out this video I shot of him explaining the 3 stage C4 XPR SUP paddle.


C4-Waterman-XPR-Paddle-06.JPG C4 XPR SUP paddle blade is carbon fiber and kevlar weave – it still has a dihedral and new diamond tip


C4-Waterman-XPR-Paddle-10.JPG C4 XPR paddle blade has a unique flexible tip


C4-Waterman-XPR-Paddle-09.JPG Diamond shape tip on C4 XPR


C4-Waterman-XPR-Paddle-07.JPG The C4 XPR paddle blade is very thin


C4-Waterman-XPR-Paddle-12.JPG C4 paddle grip installed by Joe over at C4


C4-Waterman-XPR-Paddle-01.JPG Yellow handle EVA grip installed on C4 XPR SUP paddle by Joe at C4


(click thumbnail to launch video)

Here’s a short clip of Todd Bradley with the XPR Paddle during one of our downwind runs.

(click thumbnail to launch video)


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9 Responses to “Todd Bradley Unveils the New C4 Waterman XPR Racing SUP Paddle”

  1. DW 1DW

    Youtube shows video no longer available.

  2.  2admin

    DW, video is fixed now. Cheers.

  3. DW 3DW

    Nice. The XPR hits the mainland Dec 10th. That’s when I get mine.

  4. Evan Leong 4evan

    You’re gonna like it.

  5. jensen 5jensen

    hey whats up evan!! long time no talk. how has the paddling been going? ive been MIA for a bit, but thats because ive been training alot for jiu jitsu. i did a run the other day, and besides alittle bit of balance rust, it was awesome. are these new paddles available yet? im looking to get back into paddling more, and i would really like to get a new paddle. take care man

  6. Evan Leong 6evan

    Howzit Jensen. I just got back from a trip and paddled this past week. Tues and Wed were awesome for downwind although I only got in a short run on Wed. What are you training for? Are you training for a fight? I think these paddles are available now through C4 Waterman. Call them up and tell them I sent you. You’ll like this paddle a lot.

  7. jensen 7jensen

    i run into todd alot at kaimana and other surf spots, so i get to talk story with him little bit. i had no idea they were coming out with new paddles. im going to email todd and ask him about it, maybe i can demo one or something……hopefully.

    im not training for a fight or anything, mostly i just train for competitions…..which happen to be year round. so in that aspect im training almost all the time, which really helps with my cardio for paddling and endurance. so both paddling and jiu jitsu compliment each other. i really wanted to sign up for todays race, but work held me back.

    but yea, ill check up on that paddle. what size were you using?

  8. Evan Leong 8evan

    Jensen – Lmk when you’re gonna do your runs and maybe we can connect. Then you can try mine if you want but it may be too long for you. I use an 84″ long XPR and I’m 72″ tall.

    I heard that the race had super bad weather. I called Jeff Chang around 8 am and he said that since there was pouring rain they would decide at 9:30 am what to do. I decided not to do it because I didn’t want to fight the rain. Jeff told me they did the race around 10:10 am and there were only 2 SUP’s so they just cruised.

  9. jensen 9jensen

    damn, ive been wanting to do a run with super bad weather just to experience it. ive been doing some paddles on the east side with bad weather, but its not fun paddling head wind.

    im game to do a run whenever this week, i think im off all week. let me know your schedule and lets connect. my gf doesnt want me doing runs by myself (which i usually do) during this time of the year, so she said i needs a partner…hahah.

    but yeah, my email is i think morning runs are the best, but thats just me. let me know brother!

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