DaKine Hydration Pack 2.0



I used my first DaKine Hydration Pack so much that I gave it to my brother and got a new one. The good news is that the new version has a few additions that were missing in the first version.

The new version has 2 external pockets in the front and new graphics. If you’re doing downwind, distance or long cruises, this is a must have item. I even took this to the Olukai race on Maui and would have been parched 30 minutes into it without this water pack.

Take a look:


dakine-hydration-pack-2.0-02.jpg                               DaKine Hydration Pack Bottom Pocket


dakine-hydration-pack-2.0-03.jpg                               DaKine Hydration Pack Top Pocket 1


dakine-hydration-pack-2.0-04.jpg                               DaKine Hydration Pack Top Pocket 2


dakine-hydration-pack-2.0-05.jpg                               DaKine Hydration Pack mouth piece – same as before

One feature worth mentioning is the high pitch whistle in the chest strap buckle. This means one less piece of equipment to carry.


dakine-hydration-pack-2.0-06.jpg                               DaKine Hydration Pack chest strap buckle


dakine-hydration-pack-2.0-07.jpg                               DaKine Hydration Pack water bladder pocket


dakine-hydration-pack-2.0-10.jpg                               DaKine Hydration Pack removable cover for water bladder


dakine-hydration-pack-2.0-11.jpg                               DaKine Hydration Pack 360 degree hose attachment


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