Ekolu Kalama Dominates the JEVER SUP World Cup 2009, Hamburg



Congratulations to Starboard team rider, Ekolu Kalama for sweeping the grand prize in the pro sprint and distance races of the JEVER SUP World Cup 2009 in Hamburg, Germany.  He brought home the goods in both the 200 meter sprint and the 10,000 meter distance race. Now Ekolu has the official title as 2x “World Champion!”

ekolu-kalama-on-jever-sup-02.jpg Day 1 on Jever SUP World Cup 2009

ekolu-kalama-on-jever-sup-05.jpg Ekolu on Starboards‘ K14 SUP board

ekolu-kalama-on-jever-sup-06.jpg Ekolu Kalama of Hawaii and Taka Kamaguchi of Japan

Check out the website below. It’s in German but the pictures and videos at the right are good. The top video is the distance race this past Sunday and the middle video is the sprint race on Saturday. 27,000 fans in attendance makes it seem like paddling in a stadium.

Photos courtesy of HOCHZWEI

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