C4 Kalapaki Race Recap


C4 Waterman

Despite the lingering threat of the Tsunami Warning the C4 Waterman Kalapaki Challenge presented by the Garden Isle Tri-fest achieved all its goals Saturday. A grass roots event designed to support the growing SUP community on Kauai and entice cross-over athletes from the triathlon walk-of-life; the twisted bow-tie race course was both challenging and fun.

With a starting line that saw equal female and male entrants the vibe was equal to the pre-SUPsplosion races. Competitors raced on what ever they could lay their hands on, I wouldn’t say they beg, borrowed or stole their equipment but more they came with what they had. No shame, just local style. But amongst the foley was a few stand out performances. Topher Inman, at 12 was the youngest competitor to finish the course. Leleo Kinimaka whose father had run the beach boy services at Kalapaki beach when he was a child, won the mens division, and relatively unknown Mariko Strickland, 24 completely dominated the women.

c4-kalapaki-race-recap-01 The men’s line up

c4-kalapaki-race-recap-02 Mariko Strickland – no other women in sight

At the end of the race there were plenty of happy faces. Boards lay in the shade and competitors and family relaxed on the grass in front of the Marriott Resort enjoying another beautiful day in Kauai. Many thanks to JJ Johnson, The Vierra’s, Marcelo and the Kauai community.

We’ll see you next year!


1  SUPLELEO KINIMAKAM-Standup Paddleboard1  12:04
2  SUPGREG ANCHETAM-Standup Paddleboard2  12:26
3  SUPKELLY HUNTM-Standup Paddleboard3  12:30


1  SUPMARIKO STRICKLANDF-Standup Paddleboard1  13:36
2  SUPAEA LAOLAF-Standup Paddleboard2  15:53
3  SUPTRACY VIERRAF-Standup Paddleboard3  16:44

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