Zane Schweitzer SUP Surfing on Maui Nui


Here’s a video of Zane Schweitzer having an awesome stand up paddle surfing session on Maui Nui. The clip was sent to us by Pure Digital Maui, thanks guys.

(click thumbnail to launch video)

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3 Responses to “Zane Schweitzer SUP Surfing on Maui Nui”

  1. wildwahinepaddler 1wildwahinepaddler

    I love watching stand up paddle surfing! I love stand up paddling but have not attempted any surfing. Great to watch though!

  2. Charlie 2Charlie

    Pretty cool vid – nice job – just makes you want to get in the surf now!

  3. Timothy 3Timothy

    Thanks for sharing this video. Love seeing Maui profiled. Do you know this break? North shore somewhere?

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