::FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:: Chuck Patterson’s Signature Course Beckons


Challenging paddle/run/paddle rally will punish the worlds best April 28th at the Watermans Paddle for Humanity

Orange County, CA - A day in the life of Chuck Patterson is intense and so is his signature course for the Watermans Paddle for Humanity – The Chuck Patterson Signature Series Rally Race. The paddle and run event will feature beach obstacles and distances that will challenge the hardiest of competitors.

Patterson thrives on pushing his limits and expects the same from his participants. “I want something that will really push the paddlers and reward the most well rounded athlete,” said Chuck. Adding, “It is going to be fun, but it is also going to be very technical and difficult.” The course will involve a special lap featuring a surf-paddle, one-kilometer beach run, and obstacle course that must be completed before heading back out through the surf zone.

Connor Baxter, Slater Trout, Rob Rojas and other elite athletes have committed to the event on April 28th at Doheny State Beach. “Honestly, this may not be for everyone, but if you want to see how you stack up then it is a perfect opportunity,” said the race director, Pete Stirling. “There are so many variables… waves, wind, course knowledge… only the strong will survive,” elaborated Stirling, with a smile. The course is designed around one intense hour of competition and will demand the respect of competitors.

The 2012 Waterman’s Paddle for Humanity will consist of five stops: April 28th in Dana Point, June 2 Deerfield Beach Florida, July 7th Lake Tahoe, August 25th Washington DC and Sept 15th Austin Texas. Our stated goal is to raise $100,000 for our non-profit partners while raising awareness to their causes and introducing communities to the sports of Paddling.

For more information including dates, locations and registration visit www.paddleforhumanity.org.

Support the companies that support the sports you love: Kona Brewing Company, Ocean Minded, Futures Fins, SUP ATX/Lahui Kai Racing, Hobie Polarized, H2O Overdrive and Watermans Applied Science.

* The Paddle For Humanity is a sanctioned WPA event series. For more information visit www.worldpaddleassociation.com.

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About the Paddle for Humanity:

The Watermans Applied Science Paddle for Humanity has raised more than $50,000USD for charity since its inception in 2009 and helped galvanize paddling communities across the country. The PFH is open to all paddle craft. For more info visit www.paddleforhumanity.org.

About Chuck Patterson:

Chuck Patterson is an inspiring person. He is 6′2″ and weighs 220 pounds. He competes at the pro level in five different sports: stand up paddling, tow-in surfing, kite surfing, skiing and snowboarding. For more info visit chuckpattersonsports.com

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