Stand Up World Tour Stop #4 in Brazil is now underway in Ubatuba


Thursday 29 November

Stand Up World Tour now live today from Ubatuba, Brazil

The Stand Up World Tour is once again back in Brazil this week for Stop 4, as the World’s best congregate once again to do battle at the beautiful Itamambuca Beach in Ubatuba. The action is already underway and being streamed live with the Trials now in the water.

You can watch it as it goes down live at:

While the majority of commentary for the Trials today will be in Brazilian, tomorrow will bring in English commentary to support the international main event with athletes from all over the world participating in the Ubatuba Pro – stay tuned…

A new venue for 2012, Itamambuca Beach in Ubatuba has open its arms to the Stand Up World Tour and its athletes and has provided a beautiful backdrop to this all important event in 2012. A big thankyou to Fluir Stand Up Paddle, SUP Club Brazil, Waves, World Tour Patron Art in Surf, WS, the AUS (Ubatuba Surf Association) and the CIty of Ubatuba for their support for the Stand Up World Tour’s 3rd year in Brazil.


Brazilian talent in full effect here for Ubatuba Pro Trials

With an intense field of fiercely competitive and talented Brazilian athletes in attendance, the action is already turning heads as we progress through the first rounds of the Ubatuba Pro Trials.

Also to watch out for are the well known faces that show their worth each year on the Stand Up World Tour in Brazil: from Carlos Bahia, Renato Wanderley and Luis Saraiva, to Wallace Morris (brother of World Tour artist, Hilton Alves), Matheus Salazar (brother of World Tour stalwart, Leco) and Ubatuba wildcards, Tremembe and Fabio Tavares.

Stay tuned as these athletes will face up to the very best in the world at home here in Ubatuba for Stop 4 of the Stand Up World Tour.


Art in Surf steps up to support the Stand Up World Tour

The Brazilian born Art in Surf has stepped up to support this all important stop on the 2012 Stand Up World Tour – with flag ship stores in Brazil and a global line of boards that has supercharged athletes performances on Tour such as World #5 Caio Vaz (Art in Surf) and his brother Ian (Art in Surf), the brand is at the forefront of Stand Up Paddling in Brazil.

Having been tied for first place in the world with 2x World Champion Kai Lenny (Naish) after his finals finish in France and storn result at the World Tour Opener in Sunset, Caio will be looking for a strong finish at home in Brazil before heading out to the Location X Finals in the British VIrgin Islands. A couple of big finishes could shoot him back into contention at this stage and he has shown he is more than capable of big things.


Leco Salazar looking to continue his unbeaten record

After 2 straight wins at home in Brazil in 2010 and 2011, Leco Salazar will be looking to make it 3 here in Ubatuba, as well as to improve on his current 4th place overall for 2012 on the Stand Up World Tour. One thing is for sure, he is looking strong, motivated and ready for action here in Ubatuba….


Sean Poynter is looking to consolidate on his ratings lead

American Sean Poynter (Starboard) is looking to consolidate on this ratings lead here in Ubatuba. After a summer full of training and board development, Sean is ready and determined to make the move here and break away from the pack towards a possible World Title on the 2012 Stand Up World Tour.

However, with the wealth of talent in attendance, it is not going to be an easy task and every heat will be critical for the young American’s title hopes. Stay tuned to as the action unfolds, with Round 1 scheduled to get underway this afternoon.


Kai Lenny is preparing for a strong finish in 2012

After a couple of disappointing results on the 2012 Stand Up World Tour in France and Tahiti (2 ninth places), 2x World Champion Kai Lenny (Naish) will be looking to reassert his authority here at the Ubatuba Pro and retake the rankings lead coming into the Location X Finals. Stay tuned as Kai gets on the war path….


Robin Johnston is every bit in contention for a World Title

Much like Joel Parkinson on the 2012 ASP World Surfing Tour, Robin Johnston (Mistral) has posted consistent finishes on the Stand Up World Tour every event this year, with a 4th place in the last event in Tahiti, propelling him to 3rd overall. While he hasn’t secured a World Tour win yet, Robin came close in 2011 at Sunset and continues to place in the Top 5 overall and is closer than ever this year coming into the closing stages of the season. His contest experiene and expertise will come in to good use here at Stop 4 of the Stand Up World Tour


Australia’s presence increases on the Stand Up World Tour

With World Tour Regulars Justin Holland (Starboard) and Beau Nixon (Naish) really starting to make their presence felt on Tour, you can count on them flying the flag and putting on solid performances here at the Ubatuba Pro.

Justin Holland has been one of the stand outs in the warm out sessions, and Beau is fresh off his National Title WIn in Australia this summer, so watch out for these two athletes as the action unfolds over the coming days.


Despite absence of Delpero, France is still well represented

World Number 6 and without doubt Rookie of the year for the 2012 season, Benoit Carpentier (Naish) has been on an incredible streak this year on the Stand Up World Tour, with Semi Final finishes in Sunset and Tahiti and looking strong coming into this all important Brazil Stop.

Joining Benoit is Alexis Deniel, always a strong performer at home in France and now looking to make his name here in Brazil in conditions that are comparable to his home in France, so stay tuned as he looks to take down the World’s best.


Maui’s Zane Schweitzer looking for a comeback in 2012

Zane Schweiter (Starboard) is looking for a serious comeback in the latter part of the 2012 season. After finishing on a high with a win in the Hawaii Island Finals in 2011, Zane has had a disappointing run for him so far this year, not least because he has been plagued with illness that has not made it easy. However, he is looking fitter and more fine tuned on the water than ever, so watch out as the Wild man comes into his own here at Itamambuca Beach in Ubatuba.


Stay tuned to for the action

So stay tuned to for live action, news and highlights from the 2012 Ubatuba Pro as it comes down to the wire for the 2012 World Title.

The Trials will be complete later today and we will get underway with the 1st round of the Main event, so stay tuned. We will also add more english commentary as we get to the Main event, so join us for Stop 4 of the 2012 Stand Up World Tour.

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